Fashion Faceoff: Kate Middleton vs. Madonna

The new Duchess of Cambridge is on her way to becoming a fashion icon, but is she simply copying the style choices of the original “faux British” Vogue vixen, Madonna? Take a look at the stars in identical Stella McCartney dresses–Kate wore hers this weekend, but Madonna donned it back in 2008. What next Kate, Madge’s cone-shaped bra at tea time perhaps? Tell me, darlings, who looks more royally gorgeous to you?


  1. Amanda Said:

    Kate wins hands down. She looks gorgeous and the dress washes Madonna out.

  2. Anna Said:

    I think Kate wore it better!!!

  3. lola Said:

    madonna did it first and better.

  4. Katia Said:

    why would kate ever need to copy Madonna’s style? Kate hands down

  5. Sab Said:

    I think it’s awesome that she can recycle a great dress. Why should she spend so much money on clothes that she can only wear once?

  6. mizzzthanggg Said:

    Surely one dress can be worn by more than one person without being labelled a copy? Enough of comparing Kate to Diana, Madonna, Blair Waldorf etc… this dress looks completely different on the both of them anyway!

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  8. kiska Said:

    Kate definately! Madonna reminds me a little bit some fairytale witch….

  9. Carmen Said:

    I don’t even think it looks like the same dress, that’s how different they wear it. But I think Madonna looks better.

  10. Redgy Said:

    I think Madonna is much cooler in this dress. M looks young in it, K looks old ><

  11. malen Said:

    Madonna looks way better than Kate!

  12. alrightythen Said:

    they don’t even look the same…

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