Fashion Faceoff: Miley Cyrus vs. Lena Dunham

I’m not sure when it happened, but somehow Miley Cyrus and Girls star Lena Dunham turned into the same person. The hair, the arm tattoos, and now, the same ill-advised Valentino jumpsuit.


If you don’t know how I feel about jumpsuits, let me refresh your memory: j’deteste. Only the willowiest of models can pull them off, and even then it’s questionable. But, tragically, that didn’t stop MC or LD from wearing one–a strapless version, no less, which is even less flattering.

And surprise surprise, it looks awful on both of them. But, sigh, I suppose if I had to pick a fashion winner (is there such a thing when it comes to jumpsuits?) it would be Miley. Her garment fits better than Lena’s.

But which star do you think wore it best? Or do these two unlikely twins need to scrap this look altogether?


  1. Gwendolyn Said:

    I like that outfit on Miley : simple, and elegent though.

  2. ashli Said:

    both look aaawful, despited I like Miley, but of course it looks better on her.

  3. Emma Said:

    The jumpsuit looks nice on Miley, stop bitching about her every move, like WTF?

  4. Alice Said:

    i think even worse than those outfits is miley’s white powder on her chin.

  5. GossipGay Said:

    Eww. Just Eww. I love Lena, but I wish I could meet her, and help her pick out something a little nicer. As for Miley…. I take back one eww. She kinda looks pixie-ish. This outfit is too casual for the red carpet. Perhaps for a stroll through the lower east side, but still improbable.
    I only dislike rompers because they make it difficult to pee. Impractical fashion is not flattering. Anything requiring you to strip naked presents a problem.

    GG, call me for coffee and kiki’s soon.

  6. Katie Said:

    I love miley’s look! i think the jumpsuit works on her, and looks cute

  7. paula Said:

    Miley looks cumiley looks fab….‎​U̶̲̥̅̊ on there other hand N̶̲̥̅̊O̶̲̥̅̊ comment

  8. Aye Said:

    Although I’m not a fan of jumpsuits as well, I think Lena looks a lot slimmer in this outfit. Miley is kind a cute, she could look better, but I really love them bough and think they’re stunning.

  9. motherfathergentlewoman Said:

    I think it looks FINE on Miley

  10. MX Said:

    I don’t really like jumpsuits, it’s really hard to look good in one. However, Miley looks great! Very elegant

  11. PD Said:

    Perhaps when using a different language in your posts you should double check the grammar. “J’deteste” does not exist in the French language. The d is not a vowel, therefor it would be “je deteste”. Although I am sure that hatred takes up a lot of time and brain space, not leaving enough time and room for much else.

  12. Hannah Said:

    I think Miley looks absolutely gorgeous! She’s slim, so it works on her. No offence, but the skni tone on the other girl and she’s a bit chubbier than Miley so I think it looked ridiculous on her……

  13. Whitney Said:

    I haven’t been the biggest Miley fan lately….but this looks awesome in her!! Honestly I love jumpsuits and I think Miley is totally rocking this!! Finally she’s wearing something clean sharp and sophisticated!!

  14. ak Said:

    not that i don’t love your posts once in a while, but since you’e so nit-picky with detail i thought i’d let you know it is “je deteste” not “j’deteste” that would imply a vowel/vowel sound after the “je”

  15. ak Said:

    also miley wore it best because she played up her make up and shoes without looking too overdone. she makes that jumpsuit look good

  16. Madeleine Said:

    They both have AWFUL outfits! I think Lena and Miley are alright as people, but they both have terrible fashion sense! If I HAD to chose who wore it better- I would chose Miley! Her jumpsuit looks a little bit more tailored. Also, just to say, I HATE jumpsuits always- like NO ONE looks good in them! Only like .2% of people look good in 3% of all jumpsuits! They need to get new stylists!
    Xoxo M

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