Fashion Faceoff: The Pretty Little Liars

On Wednesdays, the Plastics wore pink. But apparently at parties to celebrate their 100th episode,The Pretty Little Liars wear white. I spied not one but three PLLs in pretty pale looks, but as we know darlings, I can crown but one the fashion winner. Let’s take a look, shall we?

First up, Troian Bellisario versus Ashley Benson.

troian bellisario ashley benson


T’s shoes, hair and makeup? LOVE! But that dress is a strange mix of matronly and edgy, one that I’m not feeling. There’s too much going on and I just want to give it a good tug to smooth it out and get a better feel for the silhouette. On the other hand, while I like AshBenzo’s asymmetrical dress, the clutch and shoes really add nothing to the look, nor does her hastily done hair. So, alas ladies, I must declare this a tie. Instead, my winning white look of the evening belongs to…

Sasha Pieterse!

Sasha Pieterse


Per. Fect! Belting a white frock is a great way to keep from feeling like a snowman and to give the outfit a bit of pizazz. I also really like Sasha’s strappy shoes and the quilted pattern of her dress.

Do you agree that SP won the PLL fashion faceoff? Or did TB or AB look white haute?


  1. Ambrosia Said:

    No, Troian totally won this fashion face-off!

  2. serina vanderwitson Said:

    i love gossip

  3. serina vanderwitson Said:

    yaaaaa torian won

  4. ane Said:

    what? Sasha had the worst, TB FOR SURE!

  5. alina Said:

    Troian is way better !!!!

  6. Nikkie Said:

    Troian’s is THE best of all. Very pretty dress! I absolutely love these shoes and she is stunning with that make up and hairstyle. She nailed it.
    Ashley’s and Shasha’s looks are very dissapointing to me. Ashley’s dress doesn’t complement her at all and I tottaly agree about the shoes and accessories. Shasha shoulden’t put a belt on that beautyfull dress… She alsohas all the wrong shoes and accessories…

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