Feud Alert: Kim Kardashian vs. Beyonce!

Beyonce’s high-class claws are out when it comes to her pal Kanye West’s new GF, Kim Kardashian. I hear that Bey has refused to let KK into her and Jay-Z’s inner circle, since Kim gained fame off a sex tape and a reality show. Apparently B, who goes to great lengths to keep her private life just that, can’t imagine how or why someone would want to broadcast everything from bikini waxes to a messy divorce–and doesn’t want to.

If you were Beyonce, would you want Kimmy K. at your dinner parties? Or should these two bootylicious babes stay far away from one another lest the catfight of the century break out?

beyonce-kim-kardashian feuding



  1. Chayrin Said:

    I think it’s best if Kim k. stays far from Bey because both are grate and i don’t want any more drama for Kim.

  2. Peeyaw Said:

    i agree!:)

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