Feud Alert: Lauren Conrad vs. Allure Magazine

I’ve made no secret of my lack of enthusiasm for Lauren Conrad. I could never put my perfectly manicured finger on what exactly irked me about her–until today. Apparently LC was not amused that Allure magazine branded her “basic” in their latest issue, which featured an article on celebs that typify a certain look.

While her words on Twitter try to sound jokey (as only a basic bitch can), LC was clearly livid enough to address it. She is, after all, a former cover girl for Allure (as recently as April of this year)! Allure has yet to Tweet a response to the former reality star/designer.

I too am angry darlings…that I didn’t figure this out myself! Lauren is SO basic, bravo to Allure for finally hitting the nail on the sausage-curled head. LC is is the epitome of a girl who thinks she’s oh so fashion forward but is really just so plain she’s not even worth being annoyed with. I mean how many years have we been looking at that winged black liquid liner and her same hand-on-the-hip pose?

Gustavo Caballero / Getty Images

According to the mag, Vanessa Hudgens is the boho archetype while Manrepeller Leandra Medine (who is one of the worst people I’ve ever met, and that’s saying a lot, my lambs) is the “Street Stylist” and then Kristen Stewart also makes the list but I can’t quite make out her signature style. Probably “Rambling and Scary Homeless Person,” or some such.

Do you think that LC is indeed tres basic or am I not giving her low-key style enough credit? You know my motto when it comes to clothes or revenge: understated is overrated…XOXO.


  1. Kyrsten Said:

    I am actually upset with you Gossip Girl for actually writing this. Most of the time I agree with your opinion. This is just appalling that this was written. Every word written was just bitter. I’d just rather unfollow this site now.

  2. vhf Said:

    I agree with kyrsten

  3. A Said:

    Agree. Lauren Conrad has no real fashion fowardness. She can match outfits and that is the extent. And yes she needs to update her look! She is famous and can try anything. Anything. Instead it is the same boring girl next door. Which is great…for someone basic.

  4. Kara Said:

    Agree. She is basic, but thats okay. We all need the basics.

  5. S Said:

    I completely agree with what Krysten said too. it makes me sad that this article is so bitter because i am a huge fan of Lauren Conrad (and i’m sure a lot of your fans are too!), but from an unbiased standpoint, even if i wasn’t.. i still would think this whole article is really messed up. :/ you are definitely not giving LC enough credit, Gossip Girl!

  6. Annie L Said:

    Ohhh, and I guess all the girls in the world should dress super ridiculous fashionable things if not they are supposed to be called basic? Really? What is wrong with you?! Seriously. If the world is criticizing someone just for the way they like to dress well then, i’d rather be a man.

  7. Kat Said:

    Lmao DYING over the Kristen Stewart comment

  8. Caroline Said:

    Having a “basic” style is not bad, at all !! i think Lauren Conrad is classy, not just basic. She always looks polished and put together, and that’s more than basic !

  9. Emma Said:

    When did classic become basic… smh

  10. Jessica Said:

    Lauren is so beige it makes me want to barf onto her soccer mom shoes. Could not agree more!

  11. Amy Said:

    Haha! Sounds like you may be a jealous b*tch… Way to show it!

  12. Erika Said:

    I didn’t realize how basic she was until I read your article and looked at her google images. They..all..look..exactly.. the…SAME!! I mean DAMN! Everything you said was spot on and so was Allure. She should have upgraded years ago!

  13. Violet Said:

    I agree with Krysten too, this whole article is disgusting, like, you should actually be so ashamed of yourself. This is just being bitchy to be totally honest, you’re clearly just jealous. Lauren Conrad is gorgeous and her style is far from plain and boring, it’s classy, many girls in today’s society should take note. What makes you think that it’s okay to write such mean, negative things about another person, celebrity or not? Not impressed, gossip girl.

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