Feud Alert: Selena Gomez and Jessica Szohr

Drama!  Selena Gomez has gone and stole herself a man!

I knew that boy toy Sel has been hanging all over in Saint-Tropez looked familiar. Apparently this mostly shirtless guy, Tommy Chiabra, has a thing for young Hollywood starlets (like every man), because he’s also been spotted with another famous woman. The other woman? None other than Gossip Girl’s Jessica Szohr.

Let me rephrase that: The other woman in this sitch is actually Selena. Jessica had first dibs on Tommy – and was the first of the pair to take a European vacation with him…this summer! Jess and Tommy were spotted in Portofino, Italy – along with the beach in Los Angeles – just last month.

Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Flash forward to this week, where photo after photo of Selena and Tommy getting cozy in France have been everywhere. It seems that J got totally over it and (a la Kendall Jenner and Michelle Rodriguez) posted a cryptic Instagram quote directed at Tommy.

“You want to come in my life, the door is open. You want to get out of my life, the door is open. Just one request. Don’t stand at the door, you’re blocking traffic,” she posted.

Well said, doll! Whether the quote was actually directed at Tommy, or directed at someone else standing in her way, someone just got told. I personally think J should shut the door on his z-list unworthiness, but my patience is lower than most.

However Jess handles it, I am all sorts of concerned that Selena Gomez is getting herself into another wildly dramatic relationship. Well, not concerned so much as judgmental. We all know how high dramz her on-off-on-pretending to be off-off relationship with Justin Bieber was, and just as she (finally) moves on, she’s moving on to a love triangle.

At least she keeps things exciting!

Don’t worry, I’m still team Jessica all the way. Who’s side will you take should this blossoming feud reach Team Jess and Team Sel t-shirt levels?


  1. Laura Said:

    team Jess, sorry Selena but what you are doing just feels kind of wrong to me…

  2. G Said:

    Why are you team Jess? She cheated on ed several times?! Skank!

  3. Betty Said:

    Selena is beautiful no doubt! And jessica is uglyyyy as fuckkkk

  4. Aglio Olio Said:

    So Jessica and that Tommy guy didn’t date they just hooked up they just met in June when on vacation celebrating Emma Miller’s birthday and Nina Dobrev and including Eli Miz in St Tropez for a week.. So you know it’s like hooking up for a week and never see you again might happen to Selena too… And even if Selena date this guy i don’t mind and if Selena still dating Justin i don’t mind either but it’s about time they have to end their relationship it’s just too much drama.. :)

  5. Sharinn Said:

    I feel bad for Jessica’s face :(

  6. Cassandra Said:

    I feel bad for Jessica but I think that Tommaso Chiabra is making some Publicity for himself and his Yacht company…..

  7. lollololo Said:

    i feel bad for the chair stans commenting here

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