Feud Alert: TLC versus Rihanna!

You wouldn’t think that a girl group like TLC, who made a name for themselves by rocking condoms on their glasses back in the 90s, would be such prudes. But T-Boz and Chili are totes turned off by Rihanna’s penchant for showing off her body.

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“Every time I see you, you don’t have to be naked,” sniped T-Boz during a recent interview, and said that RiRi should rely on her talent–not her ta-tas–to make it to the top. “It’s easy to sell sex.”

Then Chili chimed in: “We became the biggest girl selling group of all time with our clothes on and that says a lot,” she said. “We could go around too with booby cakes [breasts] out all day long.”

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No one wants to see your cakes, booby ones or otherwise, ladies. But I suppose they do have a point. While I’m not one of those “OH NO A NIPPLE” people, I don’t really understand RiRi’s relentless need to “shock” everyone. Isn’t her talent impressive enough?

Tell me your thoughts on this blossoming boob feud: do you think that it’s time Ri kept her cakes covered or should she flaunt what she’s got?


  1. Yolanda Said:

    Riri is getting out of hand this is outrageous what kind of example does she wanna show to her role models been bitchy is already enough but to wear this shit and called it a dress nah not so cool its good as walking around with your birth suit. Girl where are your Morals am sure your mom doesnt like thus one bit

  2. Apo Said:

    Rihanna is getting more and more sluttish with time… Is she selling her body to promote her music or is she just selling her body? If any other girl dressed like that she would probably get raped…
    Plus, her breasts don’t even have a nice shape… But it’s all a matter of taste.

  3. ysa Said:

    rihanna is better than all of u , you are jealous and meaningless!!!!! people who criticize rihanna are bullshits !!!!! sh..t the f..ck up guys !! you all are ugly and disgusting!!!

  4. Amy Said:

    Trashy and trying too hard.Why was she allowed in there with this outfit. Its really not sexy or hot its just trashy. And I always admired her style but not anymore! No one is into trashy stuff
    The comment above me ? Will u allow ur kids to dress up like this ?
    I’m a model btw and I’ll never wear such thing

  5. Charles Said:

    Seriously, if anyone else wore this in public they would be arrested for indecent exposure. This is an actual crime people! Dress wouldve been lovely if it was not see through. She has the talent, why show everything else?

  6. Josie Said:

    The law states that girls are allowed to walk around topless if they please. This dress is sexy and pretty. People need to stop over sexualizing boobs like really, they’re just boobs. People need to shut up with this whole “She is a role model” bullshit, it is ridiculous. But back to the point,the dress isn’t a slutty dress, people just think that because boobs have become something that if girls show them it is resented.

  7. Kirby Said:

    Why does it matter what she chooses to wear? I wish I had the confidence that she has in her body. TLC should not presume that her clothing is automatically linked to her talent. She dresses the way she wants irrespective of record sales. Women should feel that they’re able to express naked beauty without being condemned and labeled as a slut. Apo stated “her breasts don’t even have a nice shape” – you are a cruel and heartless person. I’m no Rhianna fan but comments like this are disgusting.

  8. Kirby Said:

    “If any other girl dressed like that she would probably get raped” – It is repulsive to think that you believe women get raped for what they wear. A woman should feel comfortable in her own skin, wearing what she chooses without fear that she is going to be brutally raped. It’s quite acceptable to say that you don’t like the dress, or you wouldn’t wear it yourself, but it shouldn’t become a personal attack against the person who does wear it – please think before you post.

  9. s Said:

    First off RiRi to me is not that popular after her tweet about the girl who copied her outfit for prom. Secondher boobs are not big enough to be showing off. You need to rethink the outfits girl your just starting to look like trash.

  10. Renee Said:

    The dress would be sexy if it was lined. Looks like something you would wear to a porno award = trashy.

  11. Savannah Said:

    For anyone to say that Rihanna or anyone that dresses like her would get raped is clearly incompetent. It is not the fault of the girl or her clothes that she get raped, that’s not something to say metaphorically. If she wants to show off her personal parts then that is no ones business but her own. If you don’t like it don’t look at it. And how dare anyone say it’s not good of her to wear it because her boobs are too small or shaped weird. If she had larger, rounder breasts it would be alright?

  12. Anonymous Said:

    omg, that girl criticizing rihanna to get some mag cover, maybe?! pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaase!

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