Fifty Shades of Grey Meets… Frozen?

Gather ’round, Upper East Siders, have I got quite the must-see for you today! Two of the hottest films right now are hooking up in a fan-made mashup trailer, and it’s got everyone talking.

Most likely an attempt to give middle-aged moms a different point of view as they are forced to watch Frozen for the billionth time, scenes from the animated flick are set to the voice-over from the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer–and it’s just amazing as you might expect:

Clearly someone had plenty of time on their hands to get it synced so perfectly. Why, I could have sworn that this naughty film would be coming to a theater near me!

Tell me my little lambs, does this faux trailer make you want to run out and see a fairy-tale spin-off of the flick IRL, or are you quite content just re-watching the original trailer featuring Jamie Dornan‘s abs instead?



  1. missconfidential Said:

    Lmfao that was genius !

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