Fill in the Blank: A Mystery Soiree in Gossip Girl Psycho Killer

Gossip Girl Psycho Killer

(Photo: Little, Brown)

If there’s one thing that Gossip Girl loves more than anything in the world, it’s making witty and provocative observations about the rich and famous.

And in Gossip Girl Psycho Killer, the queen of snark lashes out her sharpest venom when discussing her favorite victims subjects…Serena and Blair! Read what Miss GG had to say about Manhattan’s “It” girls:

Looks like S didn’t come home to lie low. Tonight she’s ringing in the fall season with a ______ – ______ -______ soiree at her house, complete with tiki torches, and there is no guest list, so you can bring your little brother and his nose-picking friends and get them drunk for the first time, and her maid will clean afterwards. Or, you can go to B’s house because now that S is having a shindig, she’s throwing a bigger and better one with a DJ, full bar, and catering. Not that we mind. These are the sort of choices we live for. Until one of us dies, which is inevitable.” – p 96, Gossip Girl Psycho Killer by Cecily von Ziegesar

So, now it’s your turn to fill in the blank! Using your Gossip Girl savvy, what kind of socialite event do you think Serena would organize that could actually rival Blair’s?

Leave your Most Amusing guesses in the comments, and check the Gossip Girl lounge for the answer!


  1. Tanya Said:

    I can’t see tHe latest episodes. Becoz timing is not fine for me. If poosible plz change the one timing of show.I think 10 pm-11 pm change into 11 pm-12 pm plz…..bcz I love this show very much.I know u should take it seriousley……I love chuk and Dan..

  2. Tanya Said:

    I love this show and all cast.ialso like sarine blair.

  3. gucci borse Said:

    Après l’explosion, les recherches pour des survivants continuent au Texas

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