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While some of my fellow students treated summer vacay as the time to top off their tan or perhaps (snicker) take a few AP-prep courses, I knew that the break between school years was the ideal time for reinvention. No matter how scandalously I left the previous grade, I could re-emerge in September a fresh, fabulous new creature so dazzling my peers would forget those messy little incidents I may have in my wake.

If you too are hoping to start fresh and carve out a better on-campus existence for yourself, take my tidbits of advice on how to imperiously rule the school…

1. Pick a Look 

When it comes to your back-to-school style, trends should be acknowledged, but never blindly followed. Choose a style icon as quickly as possible, say Olivia Palmero or Emma Stone–but always one with your same coloring and body type–and identify what typifies their looks. Shape your outfits accordingly. Usually adding just a few key pieces–a blazer, ankle boots, a statement necklace–will update your look with the minimum amount of credit card max out-age.

2. Set Your Goals

I rarely do anything without a motive (murky though they may seem at times) and navigating through school was no different. When you arrive on campus, decide as quickly as possible on the clique, the boy, the lab partner and the student council position you are aiming for that year. Never waver from these aims, darlings, though your friends may mock your fiery ambition. But remember, not everything can be achieved by third period. Take your time plotting out a strategy to get what you want–desperation and impatience are the natural enemies of all successful social climbers.

3. Ditch the Baggage

Only the immature still labor under the delusion that you must keep every single friend you’ve ever made. As you grow up, your old pals may not be on your growth streak. If you find yourself BFFs with an emotional vampire (draining, terrifying) then keep them at arms length. If they’re resentful of your soon-to-be meteoric social rise, looks like they’ll just have to watch you from afar.

4. Play to Your Strengths

I’ve never been particularly athletic–sweat is not a good look on me–so I never tried to blend in with the sporty chicks on campus. Instead, I focused on my own innate gifts (gossip, revenge, fashion) and found like-minded minions to do my bidding. The moral? Don’t try to reshape your personality to fit the social trend–do you, darlings, and the popularity will follow.

Excited or nervous about your first day of school? Tell me about it in a comment below.



  1. jennyohhh Said:

    What’s the “perfect” first day of school outfit, in your mind?

  2. Erin Said:

    Dear GG, I’m having some trust issues with my friends. They don’t trust me but they expect me to trust them. What can I do ?

  3. Imolemla Said:

    I wanna try a new look for school tomorrow anything you can help in???

  4. Bailey Said:

    Omg I start my 1st day of school tomorrow good tips!

  5. SunKissedMiss02 Said:

    GG stating to wear ankle boots? Au contraire, just months ago you were dissing on them relentlessly. Is there a double standard for your closet? Simon says go shopping. It’s boot season, ladies.

  6. victoria Said:

    That WAs A Fabulouse Rool The School Advice I Have A Question Gossip Girl How Can I Gossip

  7. Lily Said:

    Dear GG,

    I think I am falling hell over heals for my ex boyfriend but he has moved on I don’t know what to do help me? tips anything… Thanks GG

    XOX, Lily

  8. GG 2.0❤️ Said:

    Hey GG everything is goinh perfectly for me now, im very popular and everything. It’s just like you now Im not sure how i should do so all of my besties is going to like me Forever?? Im mean how Can I get Them to krepning like me??

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