First Look: Paramore’s “Still Into You”

I know I don’t exactly seem “alternative” darlings, but I have a secret penchant for Paramore, one of the only good things to come out of music’s unfortunate emo period. Shudder.

I am happy to say that after a brief break–during which lead singer Hayley Williams replaced her band with new boys–Paramore is back and better than ever, at least if their new single, “Still Into You,” is any indication. Check out H and the crew’s new single and tell me if it’s the band’s best yet…XOXO.


  1. dingoes Said:

    Hayley Williams did not “replace” anyone. Jeremy and Taylor were part of the band before the Farros left. Paramore is a band made up of three talented musicians. It is NOT Hayleys band.

  2. jess Said:

    she didn’t replace anyone, they’ve pretty much always been there. oops, facts.

  3. noneofyourbusiness Said:

    she didn’t replace her band with new boys,two members left,but that’s it. nobody got replaced or anything like that. get your facts straight. :).

  4. Lula Said:

    Dear Gossip Girl,

    Sometimes you don’t seem to be informed well:
    Hayley didn’t replace anyone – two of the band members left Paramore in late 2011… One of them is Hayley’s ex-boyfriend, Josh Farro. He’s married now and Hayley is happy with New Found Glory’s Chad Gilbert. Maybe she wrote the “Still Into You”-lyrics for him?!
    And maybe you didn’t realize, but Paramore is a BAND, so Hayley isn’t in the position to replace anyone.


  5. Lilly Said:

    Congrats to Paramore for still being relevant, the details of the band however are not. Good song, but whoever did Hayley’s hair needs to renew his beauty license, no one likes marshan bangs. Gossip Girl is right, Paramore is perhaps the only good thing to survive the sudder-worthy “unfortunate emo period”.


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