First Look: #RichKids of Beverly Hills

rich kids of beverly hillsOn the Upper East Side, you and I both know there can only be one Blair and Serena. But it looks like our money counterparts in Beverly Hills are completely clueless and didn’t get that memo…

In the new show #RichKids of Beverly Hills, we meet Dorothy Wang, 25, and Morgan Stewart, 26, who claim they are just like everyone’s favorite BFFs: “We do see qualities of certain duos,” the girls insist in the first episode of the series. “Blair and Serena–That’s the most accurate by any means.” While there’s no denying that these girls probably have as many Birkins and Louboutins as B and S (because they showed them all to us within the first 5 minutes of the episode. Humble ladies, they are…), I’m not quite convinced they would be deemed worthy enough to be Blair and Serena’s minions, let alone be compared to the famous Upper East Siders.

The series officially premieres on E! Sunday, January 19 at 10 pm ET, but you can watch the whole first episode right here:

So, tell me loves, will you be tuning in for the next ep or did you not even make it past Morgan’s nails-on-a-chalkboard statement, “I’ve taken so many selfies on my f*cking cell phone today, it’s, like, embarrassing”? XOXO


  1. Brenna Said:

    fuck these hoes. and no im not watching this show.

  2. mai Said:

    Never can they compare to B and S.

  3. Ella Said:

    No one compares to B and S.

  4. Lily Hale Said:

    That show is another scripted ‘reality’ show. Obviously everything’s fake. What happens is someone part of the crew behind the scenes tells them something to review on or whatever and then they improvise. For example, on Jersey Shore, they might tell Snooki, Jenni, and Pauly D. to act out as if Pauly D. had cheated on Snooki with Jenni and then they start arguing for the show.
    These reality shows are kind of scripted, but not fully. They just tell them something to improvise on.

  5. Queen b Said:

    I live in Beverly Hills. They don’t. I would know them. Lol. They totally moved here from Kansas or Calabasas. Good luck girls.

  6. Blake123 Said:

    They think they can even slightly compare to B & S. What a joke !

  7. Karen Said:

    How annoying! Because I live in Denmark I cannot see the clip. But no one can or shall compare themselves like B and S no matter how hard they try.

  8. Lorine-Queen L Said:

    Sweat Jesus, B & S are wonderful, them.. no, your argument is invalid.

  9. Minniexx Said:

    Uhm… Excusez-moi? From the way I see it, those (incredibly aged even to compare w B&S, I might add) girls must be outside their minds.. tut tut.

  10. Emmi Said:

    These girls are nowhere even near close to being B and S’s minions.

  11. Mikey Venturie Said:

    You can’t compaire yourself to Blair with the name Dorthy Wang.

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