First Look: The Gone Girl Trailer Has Arrived!

I’m not usually one to follow trends and jump on a bandwagon. I’ve been nominated for the Ice Bucket Challenge approximately 15 times and I’ve yet to do it (I write checks, I do not ruin my blowout, thank you very much). But even I must admit that I was sucked into the literary hysteria surrounding Gillian Flynn’s thrilling novelĀ Gone Girl and now I’m delighted that the movie adaptation, starring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike, finally has a trailer. Behold:

Oooo deliciously dark, darlings! The film appears to have much less joie de vivre than I expected but then again, it is a murder mystery. I guess perhaps I was the only one who saw this dastardly little tale of romance and revenge as, well, funny! But then again, I supposed my wicked mind is in a class of its own. And you know you love me.

So tell me my malefic minions, do you think that Ben and Rosamund were the best choices to play Nick and Amy Dunne? Or were you picturing someone more sticky sweet, like Reese Witherspoon or Carrie Underwood as Amazing Amy? Tell me who you’d have put in this flick if you were the casting director!

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