Frances Bean Cobain Turned Down the Role of Bella in Twilight?

Honestly dolls, I don’t know which I would have preferred in the role of Twilight‘s Bella: Kristen Stewart or Frances Bean Cobain. Both are obviously terribly boring choices, and yet, both were considered. (Obviously K.Stew landed the role, leading to many unwelcomed years of her sad scowl being splashed across our media. Le sigh…)

But according to a new interview with Frances’ mom Courtney Love, the rock royal was offered the lead role first. “Someone just saw a picture of her in a magazine and sent me the script for Twilight, and [Frances] was like, ‘sexist Mormon piece of shi*t,” said Courtney, adding that turning down the part was a good decision for Frances because it would have “destroyed her life.”

What do you think: would you have loved or hated Twilight any more if Frances had been the lead? Tell me in a comment below!

frances bean cobain


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  1. GossipGay Said:

    I would’ve much preferred Francis Bean. At least she’s pretty.

  2. majan Said:

    K. Stew was the right one for the role. I couldn’t imagine anybody else playing Bella. K. Stew was a heaven-sent for Twilight. Time to move on Move on GG! :p

  3. Nora Said:

    I don’t care for Kristen AT ALL, but for anyone who can actually admit to having read the Twilight series, its obvious she is much more suited for the role than Francis. Bella isn’t supposed to be overly beautiful with full lips and stuff like that. I wouldn’t dream of casting any of them, but K. Stew was definitely the right choice if those two were the only gals left on the planet. But only then.

  4. ak Said:

    twilight is a highly sexist piece of shit (i won’t say anything against religion because that’s not my place to say)so good for her for standing up for her own beliefs and not selling out

  5. Kristina Said:

    Frances might have actually showed some emotion and made it more believable so… Im gonna have to go with her on this.

  6. Jamie Said:

    BS. Frances would have been like 13 years old. No way they would have considered her. Plus, I remember reading that Catherine Hardwicke, the director for the first one, plus the author Stephanie whatsherface wanted KStew. It’s Courtney Love. Woman lies about everything. Maybe some casting director briefly considered her, but that’s it.

  7. Mark Said:

    “sexist Mormon piece of shi*t”

    Ouch! Didn’t anyone ever tell her that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it?

    I would NOT call Twilight amazing literature, but it’s sexist how? Just because it doesn’t have an angry female who hates men? Or because it was written by a happily married woman? Miss Cobain, please write a book and see how well it sells.

  8. Lee Reynolds Said:

    “Sexist mormon piece of sh*t”

    This from a girl whose parents made self-destruction an Olympic sport.

    The only thing worse than trashy people are trashy people who criticize others for not joining them in the gutter.

  9. Alice Said:

    actually, stephenie meyer wanted emily browning as bella. would’ve been perfect, way better than these two.

  10. Beth Said:

    I honestly think that Kristen is a really great and talented actress, perfect in the “Twilight saga” although her grumpy and annoying behaviour.

  11. joblo Said:

    Am I the only one (don’t you hate comments that start this way?) who hasn’t seen a “Twilight” movie? How many are there now? Are they finished?

  12. Paula Said:

    Definitely hated……..come on, Twilight was a success thanks to Rob and Kristen chemistry, I love Twilight the story and all but this is the truth, without robert and kristen probably Twilight didn’t work!

  13. Sol Said:

    Well, I don’t even know if I have to laugh out loud, please girl! Who is she? Cobain’s daughter, and it’s pretty. Just that. And why Courtney Love talks about self-destruction? Ironic. She doesn’t even look like Meyer’s Bella. Go to work Francis, instead of being the spoilt mommy and daddy’s little girl with expensive clothes. Do something for life!

  14. Emily Said:

    Stephenie Meyer wanted Emily Browning to be Bella…. So whoever this girl is, she wasn’t asked first.

  15. Emma Said:

    okay listen here, you guys seriously don’t know who frances bean cobain is? You are so stupid omg use is KURT COBAIN”s daughter. If you don’t know who Kurt is, I really don’t want u on this planet.

  16. RoyRoy Said:

    HAH! Oh how I love Courtney xD even Robert Pattinson didn’t like the movie and said he didn’t like his character xD good choice Frances! But she would have been better than Kristen – whonow gets constant shit since playing bella

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