Classy Couple Alert: French Montana Instagrams Khloe Kardashian’s Butt

Sometimes, I just can’t even. This is one of those times. French Montana took to his Instagram to post a photo of girlfriend Khloé Kardashian. Cute, right? No, not at all. Instead of posting a well lit portrait, or even an annoying selfie, French took a photo of Khloé’s rear end. #NoFilter.

Khloé’s man has already racked up 50K+ likes on the butt shot, which he captioned #asssscap. (it just keeps getting classier). Though Khloé hasn’t regrammed the photo, she hasn’t yet to asked him to take it down, either. Perhaps the 30 year-old is thrilled with her Kim-esque booty.

This newest Insta-news comes just a day after French posted another controversial shot of the couple on set of a music video wearing masks and toting guns. These two certainly have a knack for stirring up talk, don’t they?

Khloé, as great as your fit booty looks, you really must make French take down that photo. First of all, butts are Kim’s thing (she basically has them trademarked). Secondly, at least keep your Instagram presence at the bare minimum level of classiness.

What do you think, minions? Would you be demanding a redaction of this butt pic?


  1. John Staten Said:

    You can be mad all you want but khloe and french are happy and she gave him permission to promote the photo. Your just jealous because your ugly as fuck and nobody wasn’t a you. Continue being jealous of Khloe and a French, because it is something you will never have.

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