Ask Gossip Girl: “My Friends Are Feuding!”

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Dear Gossip Girl,

Two of my friends recently had a fight and literally cannot stand each other anymore. I know I should stay out of it, but I actually agree with one friend more and the friend I disagree with has been talking about me behind my back, as well. I don’t want to cause drama, but I don’t want to stay neutral when I think that one is right. What should I do?


Neutral Nellie

To my neu-est fan,

There are a few things that only work in Switzerland: white-blonde eyebrows, sweaters with reindeer embroidered on them, hockey, etc. And of course, neutrality. Unfortunately you don’t have the luxury of turning a blind, blue eye towards a fiasco when it involves your friends–or you could lose them both. When two pals are locked in mortal combat, they will only resent you for staying out of it, mistaking your neutral stance for apathy.

If one BFF is clearly in the wrong, sit her down and gently explain that perhaps she’s not seeing your other pal’s POV, and that an apology may be in order.

But if she’s talking trash behind your back, it sounds like she’s the weak link in this less-than-sisterly circle. Why keep a friend who can’t keep a friendship together, zip her lip, or admit when she’s wrong? The Swiss would never put up with that.


Gossip Girl

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