Exclusive: Cobra Starship’s Gabe Saporta Talks About His Role on Gossip Girl’s Season Finale

Gabe Saporta Cobra Starship Gossip GirlCobra Starship’s Gabe Saporta will be making his Gossip Girl acting debut on Monday’s season finale “The Return of the Ring.” You might remember that the band featured GG star Leighton Meester on their song “Good Girls Go Bad” in 2009 — and that may or may not have played a role in him getting the part.

“The way it went down was so bizarre,” Gabe told us. “I was talking about wanting to try acting, and out of the blue we got a call offering me the part. I honestly don’t know if Leighton helped me get the call or not… if she did – I owe her dinner!”

While Gabe can’t tell us anything about the part (“I have been sworn to secrecy,” he said), he can say that he’s not playing himself.

Gabe, who’s a big fan of Gossip Girl, said he had an amazing time on set. “In between takes, I got to walk around the set and see the entire Waldorf residence. I may or may not have also taken a picture of myself in Blair’s bed,” he said.

So, is Gabe Team Chair or Dair? “I think Blair and Chuck were made for each other,” he said.

Cobra Starship just released a new single from their album Night Shades called #1Nite. “We are shooting a video for it in a couple of weeks,” Gabe said, “but in the meantime you can watch this awesome video Ryland put together of us in Japan — yes, we were the tallest people in the country.”

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  1. ChuckandBlairFTW Said:

    So, is Gabe Team Chair or Dair? “I think Blair and Chuck were made for each other,” he said.OMG! I LOVE U @GabrielSaporta !
    Now I’m enjoying even more of Gabe.

    Mr.and Mrs.Bass NOW!

  2. fairyella Said:

    thank god he’s team chair.

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