Gallery: Celebrity Engagement Rings

Marriages — especially among celebrities — may come and go, but a diamond is forever.

I recently spotted Blair Waldorf Bass shopping at Henri BendelĀ holding Henry’s hand, donning her stunning 8 carat Harry Winston ring, and it inspired me to take a deeper look at some of the huge rocks out there.

Today, we look at the engagement rings of Gossip Girl stars Blake Lively, Kristen Bell, among other celebs like Avril Lavigne (I’m just going to overlook who she’s marrying) and Miley Cyrus.

Check out the photo gallery below to see the rings of the stars and tell me who you think has the best one! XOXO

Blake Lively

Giver: Ryan Reynolds

Estimated Size: 12 carats

Estimated Cost: $2 million

Kristen Bell

Giver: Dax Shepard

Estimated Size: 3 carats

Estimated Cost: $100,000

Miley Cyrus

Giver: Liam Hemsworth

Estimated Size: 3.5 carats

Estimated Cost: $100,000

Jessica Biel

Giver: Justin Timberlake

Estimated Size: 6 carats

Estimated Cost: $130,000

Avril Lavigne

Giver: Chad Kroeger

Estimated Size: 14 carats

Estimated Cost: $350,000

Khloe Kardashian

Giver: Lamar Odom

Estimated Size: 2.5-carats

Estimated Cost: $850,000

Jennifer Aniston

Giver: Justin Theroux

Estimated Size: 10 carats

Estimated Cost: $1 million


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