Old People News: George Clooney Is Engaged!

Nothing is more awful than convincing yourself that your beau is not the marrying kind…only to have him pop the question to the next girl he dates. Such is the case with George Clooney, who convinced his sad, 7-foot-tall ex Stacy Kiebler (and the world) that he is a life-long bachelor… but just months later the hunky actor is engaged! Sources are confirming that George is set to wed British lawyer Amal Alamuddin who he’s dated since October.

Spies whispered that Amal was flashing an enormous (obvs) ring on her hand during a dinner with George, and even Amal’s law firm confirmed the happy news and agreed to rep any one of George’s exes who’d like to sue him for falsifying break up reasons. Just kidding. About the last part anyway–her employer has indeed confirmed that she and G are totes about to be man and wife.


Darlings, as much as I am loathe to see this sexy silver fox off the market, I must admit that I’m quite happy for George. I’m proud of him for choosing a smart, sexy, and age approps bride. Wouldn’t you have just rolled your eyes if he was wifing up a cocktail waitress? Plus, he’s old so, whatever that he’s off the market.

But this leads me to a bigger question, minions: do you believe it when guys say they’re not looking for a wife or GF? Or is that just code for “I’m not looking for you to be my wife or GF”?

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  1. Totes True Fact Said:

    Anytime a guy says he’s not the marrying type, or that he doesn’t believe in marriage, it’s not him, it’s you. The sad fact is ladies that all men are able to marry even if it’s not something they dream about… they do it because they want to lock their lady love in. I’ve told an ex after he proposed twice that I’m not the marrying type… and trust me, I plan to get married… I just didn’t want to marry HIM.

  2. wendyr Said:

    The latter, unfortunately.

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