Georgina Sparks is Coming Back to Gossip Girl!

Georgina Sparks as Alter Girl

Photo Credit: The CW

Rumor has it that resident Crazy Girl Georgina Sparks (Michelle Trachtenberg) is coming back for next week’s 100th episode… and she’s going to stay around for a while! And, according to executive producer Josh Safran, we can expect “a lot of pot stirring that Georgina does so well.”

We’re intrigued! And while we don’t know what role she’ll be playing exactly, we know it will be “explosive.” Did Chuck enlist her to help him stop Blair from marrying Louis? Did Dan call her in because he wants to stop the wedding, too? Or is she just crazy enough to ruin the wedding on her own?

Our favorite line from her in next week’s episode: “Bless us Father, we’re about to sin.” We almost spit out our champagne when we heard that!

What do you think Miss Sparks is returning for? And what kind of dramz do you think she’ll stir up? Tell us in a comment below!



  1. Tom Said:

    Oh its going down next week! I think she has something that is going to cause murder with everyone

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