First Look: Girls Season 3

Spotted: Lena Dunham prancing around on the beach in a bikini in the new season of HBO’s Girls. At least she’s attempting to cover herself up more so than she usually does for the show…

The self-proclaimed voice of her generation (we’ll have to see about that…) has been back on set with the cast and crew for a little while now, but is keeping her fans waiting with a premiere date of 2014. But don’t worry, hipsters… here’s a teaser vid (stereotypically comprised of a bunch of Instagram pics) to whet your appetite:

Taste that, darlings? Kind of like a mixture of pale ale from a dive bar and vegan hot dogs. Shudder! While Girls may be a guilty pleasure, the Upper East Side will always win over Brooklyn any day. You know you love me (even if your neighborhood is at war with mine). XOXO

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