Girls Star Zosia Mamet Says Dating Is Dead… Do You Agree?

Girls star Zosia Mamet (whom I find mostly annoying and a horrible dresser) had an interesting piece in Glamour that sparked a serious debate among my girlfriends and I during our afternoon cocktails today. “I don’t date because dating these days is kind of a clusterf–k,” the 25-year-old actress said. Is the scene really that bad?

Zosia goes on to explain why she feels this way, and based on her dating experiences, I can see why:

“Not that long ago a guy spent the night with me. We went to breakfast the next day. The check came. I went to the bathroom, came back. It was still there. I thought maybe he wanted to finish his coffee. When the waitress came to take it away, we had to address it. Seeing my confusion, he said he didn’t want to offend me by paying on “my side of town”—he didn’t want to assert his power over mine on my turf.”

That guy must live in Brooklyn because there’s no way an Upper East Side lad would ever do such a thing….

Anyway, do you think Zosia has a point about dating being difficult and awkward these days or do you think it’s just her the guys she’s meeting? Join the great date debate in a comment below!

Zosia Mamet Miscast 2013 at Hammerstein Ballroom



  1. Pugiron Said:

    She’s too ugly to expect a guy to buy her anything.

  2. Christina Said:

    @Pugiron And I’m sure you, on the other hand, are quite something to look at! (I know this isn’t related to the topic, but I just couldn’t help myself)

  3. eva Said:

    I agree with Pugiron; stop being so Jewy and expecting dudes to pay for your ass!

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