Giuliana Rancic Obsessed with Giuliana Rancic’s New Hair

I wasn’t sure whether to issue a New Hair Alert or a Total Narcissist Alert for Giuliana Rancic, but I’m starting to lean toward the latter. The E! News host and reality star was the latest celeb to dye her hair on Friday…and can’t. stop. talking. about. it. On Thursday, Giuliana posted a teaser on her Twitter and Instagram:

A little annoying, but not too much different than her typical cries for attention tweets. It continued later that day:

I take offense to this, because replying to flattering fans is just about the lowest form of attention mongering. Though I’d already stopped caring about her hair at this point, the dragging out of the eventual reveal just added to my state of annoyance. G would only prove to pile on more the next day:

OH MY GOD, WE GET IT: YOU DYED YOUR HAIR. Come on, Giuliana: the royal baby announcement was one brief displayed outside the palace gates: you’ve already made four statements and we haven’t even seen your stupid hair. Annnnd here comes number five!

Surely the reveal must be coming soon, right?

At this point, she finally revealed her hair to both coasts on cable television. Did it live up to the endless tweets? Of course not. But at least it would mean a stop to the posting, right? No. The tweets just kept on coming:

And coming:

And still more:

Annnnnd more:

And one more tweet for good measure:

Not to mention a final Instagram (for now):

G has been silent since this last post. Perhaps she’s driving or her phone ran out of batteries. Either way, it’s time for an intervention: stat.

What do you think of Giuliana’s new hair, minions? But more importantly: what do you think of her constant posting? XOXO

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