Goodbye Glee?

All good things must come to an end, darling. The creators of Glee announced that Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, Dianna Agron and the rest of the current Gleeks will bid adieu to McKinley high after this next season. But don’t worry, the New Directions will live on with a brand new cast. Are you excited to see who might fill their shoes? Or will WMHS not be the same without Finn and Rachel?

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  1. Ellie Said:

    Show is going to die. It already is…

  2. Meredith Said:

    Won’t even be close to the same Without all of them :(

  3. sara Said:

    of course it won’t be the same ever, we love them all together can’t imagine Glee without original cast it can’t be realy hope is not going to happen so sad !!!!!!

  4. nai Said:

    some series already tried to change the original cast and it DOESN’Twork I prefer that glee officially end with the third season :(

  5. christie Said:

    It will never be the same again..but it has to be happen, to make the story realistic :)

  6. Kayy Said:

    they should just end a good thing while its still good.

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  8. Imogene Said:

    it just won’t be the same. i don’t even know why they’re trying to continue the show

  9. Faye Said:

    I think.. its true they can’t be at school for eight years cause it would be weird. But cutting off all our favourtie charchters in one go? I don’t think I’d ever forgive the glee producers for this -.- I just won’t watch it most probably..

  10. Connor Said:

    You are so way behind on the news. had this a week and a half ago. Catch up!

  11. Jacki Said:

    The should have slowly replaced them , one at a time. It would have made more sense if you had a couple of freshmen coming in with every new season. So by the time one main character leaves u had already gotten to know a couple of new ones.

  12. Eve Said:

    Noooooo! Cant they just keep it like The Simpsons where they stay the same age and never grow up? That shows been running for a million years!!!
    I suppose Skins has made it work by refreshing the cast every two years ….

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  16. Carmen Said:

    Actually I totally get why they would do that. You guys just need to chillax, and have a little more faith in the producers. It worked for Skins – sure it will work fine here too.

  17. bella Said:

    This is ridiculous!! Lea, Cory, Diana, etc. MAKE GLEE WHAT IT IS!! I will DISLIKE this show once they leave and no longer watch it. They were the only people that people watch it, cause of their chem and drama and shit and now it’s going to die. STUPID GLEE!!!

  18. Hannah Said:

    Forget Finn and Rachel; Kurt and Blaine.

  19. lea-michele-fan Said:

    I totally understand why they do that and I don’t doubt it will be still good, but I’m soooo sad, I was so much close to these characters !!!
    I think they should have done like gossip girl, and keep the same actors with the life of rachel, finn, kurt, etc, after high school.

  20. Marickad. Said:

    can’t they just like still focus on the original characters’ lives and show what the glee club has made them???? or maybe like even though they’re done with their h.s lives, can’t they still like help new gleeks and still be on the show?????? I WILL SURELY MISSSSS THEM!!!!!! just the thought of it makes me wanna cry! </3

  21. Liesbeth Said:

    nooo! why do they do that?
    it won’t be the same without them!
    and i also think that 3 seasons was just enough because otherwise
    it would have got a little bit boring, dont you think?
    so with a whole new cast for a season 4 it will not get better i guess….

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