Gossip Girl Acapulco Cast Pics

Spotted: the doppelgangers of Manhattan’s elite living it up in Acapulco in the upcoming Mexican show Gossip Girl: Acapulco. Mexican producer Pedro Torres released details this week about his plans for the series which will most likely premiere in June. The show will be a Spanish-language version of the original, with characters who seem strikingly similar to the non-judging Breakfast club. (There’s even a Chuck Bass character — renamed Max Zaga — complete with a bow tie!)

While the show won’t be airing in the US, are you excited that the idea of it will live on internationally?

Check out the pics of the whole cast below, along with the video preview:

The cast! Can you make out who their Upper East Side counterparts are?

Photo Credit: Facebook

In the back row, from the left: Vanessa (now named Vanessa García), Serena (now Sofía López-Haro), Jenny (now Jenny Parra), and Blair (now Bárbara Fuenmayor). In the front row: Dan (Daniel Parra), Nate (Nico de la Vega), and Chuck (now Max Zaga).

Photo Credit: Facebook

The girls!

Photo Credit: Facebook

The boys!

Photo Credit: Facebook


  1. jess Said:

    I just registered just to say that this sucks! big time people! There is no way they´re gonna capture the essence of the original show, this story doesn’t work in a different place than NYC. The producers shouldn´t sell the rights for the show, hands down. And did you see the amount of thumbs down the video has? All of the fans know that it will be bad.

  2. blairxchuck Said:

    No offence, but the GG NYC girls are prettier, and the guys are hotter. The new Dan is too hairy Dan didn’t have a beard of moustache (or atleast not 4 long…)

  3. test Said:

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  4. Sophia Said:

    United States is not unique and special as you “Americans” think it is. Gossip Girl was a great show and it can be recreated in other places that isn’t your lovely United States .

  5. acne Said:

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  7. psycho killer Said:

    Blair Waldorf doesn’t wear jeans.

  8. Carlos Said:

    And this is why Mexico sucks no original ideas and they turn a cool tv series like gossip girl into a cheesy, stupid senseless telenovela. damn just watching that trailer gave made me wanna cry. hope no one watches it and it gets cancelled. P.S. Im a mexican in case any ignorant who’s planning on watching this shit is wondering. xx

  9. Ruth Said:

    I swear I don’t know why mexican producers have to re-make all the good American tv shows and ruin the perfect image to the original characters. did any of you other GG fans think to yourself that the girl and boy they pick for Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass are totally wrong starting with Blair would never wear jeans. this is bull crap totally not on board with this nonsense.

  10. Xanya. Said:

    You know you can always have English subtitles because foreign folks might want to watch the new GG. Expand your market Pedro and yeah,you should also make sure your cast dress like their dopple gangers. The dressing was part of GG nyc’s magic. Thanks:). But its a good one and yeah,Serena will never drive,you are making it more of 90210

  11. Sophia Said:

    Ruth, are you forgetting that United States remade ugly Betty …. And Carlos , you are a disgrace to the Mexican people. Please don’t say your Mexican, you embarrass us.

  12. Van Said:

    You guys talk like if The US has nothing but pure original shows. You guys do realize that almost every network on television has a remade show of almost every country. And they definitely don’t live up to their original. Being a huge fan of Gossip Girl (not the book series) I actually can’t wait for this version. I’d like to see what differences they bring to the table aside from them being Mexican and living in Acapulco. And the show is going to air concurrently here in the US with Mexico.

  13. Cartier Watches Said:

    is it weird that this made me cry?

  14. Sienna Said:

    Many of you don’t realize a lot of US shows came from other countries: Dancing with the Stars, Big Brother, American idol, X Factor, Homeland, Wilfred, The Killing and Shameless to name a few. So if they want to adapt our show like we adapted Ugly Betty. It’s their right.
    Also I keep reading they are going to air the show here in US. That way they have a teen base like the channel did when Rebelde came on.

  15. Gloriana Said:

    I saw the preview and I was totally shocked.. I’m Costarican and of course I have to be happy for latin american productions, but all mexican’s series are terrible… and as a HUGE fan of New York’s GG I think this is a terrible, cheap copy! I wish the original GG returns someday, i miss it so much!

  16. helen Said:

    OMG! no way this new version sucks. I want the old version back. they are dumb If they think they can remake gossip girl.

  17. Leilany Said:

    hay que basura de mentalidad de verdad, tan cerrada …miren que creer que Estados Unidos es mejor y decir que son mas bonitas en NY. Fans o no de GG creo que es muy su problema lo que crean pero ya ofender a México por favor a callar su lindo “hocico”

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