Gossip Girl Advice: Getting Out of the Friend Zone

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Dear Gossip Girl, Help me get out of the friend zone! I’m really close to this guy that I like. He knows how I feel but says he doesn’t want anything but friendship. But sometimes, things he says to me are REALLY confusing and make is seem like he does want to date me. Maybe he’s just scared because he’s never had a girlfriend? What should I do–just kiss him and see what happens? –Liza

Being trapped in the dreaded friend zone is essentially romantic purgatory. You’re not quite with the object of your affection, but you aren’t able to move on to your next conquest, either. Liza, my love, think back to a time when you’ve had a guy friend who was so obviously smitten. Why did you keep him around? Could it be for the silky little ego stroke that comes from knowing you’re adored?

My advice? Make yourself far less available to him. If my many romances with scores of stock market geniuses have taught me anything, it’s the concept of supply and demand. Diamonds, for example, are only valuable because they’re so rare. If you’ve told him how you feel and he doesn’t pounce on this 24-karat opportunity, cut and run, darling. Don’t act like a rhinestone when you really are a gem…XOXO.

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