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Dear Gossip Girl,

As a senior, I really need your advice on prom! All the trends and dresses have me in a tizzy. Please tell me what you think a lady should wear at a big event like this!



My Dearest Stormy Sweetheart,

While it may be tempting to scoop up the trendy dress du jour, I guarantee that you’ll look back on your prom and cringe at your blind obedience to fads. Meanwhile, girls who chose a classic silhouette will proudly display their prom pics for years to come.

The main objective is always to dress to flatter your figure. If you’re tall and lanky, just about any style gown will work on your figure–as long as you stand up straight! Pear shaped? Choose a tea-length gown with a full skirt and waist sash–this will draw the eye to your tiny little middle and slim upper body. If you’re apple shaped and carry your weight in your midsection, choose a shorter dress that shows off your fabulous legs.

As for hair, soft and touchable is always en vogue, and may even prompt your date to get up close and personal. And while you may be tempted to pick the highest shoes possible, the girl clomping around is never the one wearing the tiara, darling. Make sure you can walk in your shoes, or why bother?

Overall, if you feel confident in what you’re wearing, whether it be a mountain of ruffles or a simple LBD, you’re guaranteed to be the belle of any ball…XOXO.

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  1. Carolin Said:

    This is actually really good advice, girls!

    I am a little overweight but at my prom (from dance school, we don’t really have high school proms in germany )i wore a dress wich suited my body:

    And voila! A lot of people said it was beautiful and some even said it was the best dress of the evening.

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