Gossip Girl Fans React To Blair Choosing Chuck

Chuck and Blair at a casino

In “The Return of the Ring,” the season 5 finale of Gossip Girl, Blair Waldorf made her decision about being with Chuck Bass over Dan Humphrey. Chuck and Blair aren’t 100% together though. Bart Bass told Chuck that he’s too obsessed with Blair to run a successful business, making Chuck rethink his love for B. And when she tells him she wants to be with him, he says “I always put you first, and you bet against me every time.”

Then, at the end of the episode, we see Blair joining Chuck at a casino. She sits next to him, places some chips forward and says, “You said I always bet against you, but this time I’m all in.”

Twitter blew up after that scene with some happy Chair and disappointed Dair fans. Check out some of the comments:

  • “Blair made the right choice. And the way she did it was awesome! That was exactly the way it should be!” – @vivi_niemann
  • “I love Blair’s choice, I’ve always wanted them to be together. She better get her man.” #ChuckBass – @WilbetteM
  • “My wish has come true, I wanna see Blair fight for Chuck!” – @jeeldesai
  • “Kind of disappointed Blair chose Chuck and not Dan. Terrible idea B.- @senjobek
  • “Sooo heart broken right now!!! Back to square one! Arghhhh!” – @dandeocampo

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  1. bmxboy Said:

    with chuck an with chuck and blair. Poor serena

  2. fairyella Said:

    team chuck allll the way <3

  3. DaniRojt Said:

    That was the best choice.Blair and Chuck forever <3<3

  4. amal93alam Said:

    blair mde the right choice but she should have told dan instead of just leaving him hanging like tht nd i hate bart bass like what a minipulative ass!

  5. moley84 Said:

    Yay!!! Finally chuck and Blair! Hated this Dan and Blair rubbish! U almost lost me gossip girl! Thank god ur back on track

  6. zenaaqilla Said:

    Lol of course we all know that no matter what happens, chuck will always be with Blair. And Dan will always be lame just the way he was. And Serena… well.

  7. esLGG Said:

    blair finnaly made the good choice!!! she always all belong to chuck!!! and what is bart baas a minipulative ass!! everybody need love but bart dont!!! chuck deserves love!!! but i hate it when serena and blair are in a whore!! but this one is much worse! the only good thing is that chuck and blair are in a relationship!!!!!

  8. humbertoglz Said:

    It was just perfect. Stop defending Dair, it was never going to happen…….. Serena’s off the racks again, and Georgiee, I’m guessing Dan is planning to write the “Gossip Girl” book, huh? Anyways it was an amazing season finale, LOVED IT ! *applauses* ♡

  9. britt23 Said:

    She made the right choice! Chuck and Blair are the epic couple of this show and obvious soul mates.I don’t get why people even like Dair, it was boring

  10. isabel Said:

    The BEST choice!!! Reunited and it feels so good. Together they are going to rock the UES!

  11. toneofsurprise Said:

    She made the right choice. Can’t wait to see the King and Queen of the UES next season!

  12. MrsDexterHaven Said:

    Blair made the right choice! It has always been Chuck and Blair!

  13. jaime20lee Said:

    I agree, Blair finally made the right choice. I can’t wait to see Chuck and Blair in season 6!

  14. Emmagossip Said:

    Next season is going to be great ! B. and Chuck Bass reunited !! :D Best decision ever !

  15. deanza Said:

    finally. I think I cringed every time I saw Dan and Blair together. I hated it. I love Chuck.. and with Blair’s help, he’ll get back everything that’s rightfully his. even if they have to kill Bart for real. he screwed Chuck and Rufus, tsk tsk. but anyway- Chair forever!

  16. JennGuti Said:

    So wrong!!! The same thing over and over again!!! read the TL @ggwriters and see the discontent of the majority by the dismal final episode. Abuse is not Love!!!

  17. Mars4 Said:

    Who ever put Blair in the first place was Dan. Is sad that a couple so beautiful, with a mature relationship, neat, respectful and true has been wasted. The pure and simple love lost this battle. This is very sad.

  18. Lexie Said:

    I loved it because Chuck and Blair clearly are meant to be. They have been since season one and neither could ever love anyone as much as they loved each other.

  19. GGauste Said:

    Booooooring Dair, go Chair!!!<3

  20. Teh97 Said:

    Right decision B! I really think B and C are meant to be together. I hated it wneh she was in a relashionship with LonelyBoy.

  21. Tutuuuus Said:

    Forevr chaiir aallll thee waaayy !!

  22. SarahEmso Said:

    Blair made the right choice… Dan belongs with Serena not Blair, and Chair is the perfect mach! <3

  23. jlsvendsen Said:

    Thank God for her choosing Chuck!!! I was so sick of all the Dan and Louis BS along with the hurt and disappointment of Season 5. They are the most dynamic couple on television these days and without them as a coupe, the show SUCKS! They need to do right by each other and hopefully we’ll see their commitment in a wedding at the end of the series!!! CHAIR rules!

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