How do You Feel About the Series Ending? These Gifs Know What You Mean

It’s the end of an era, isn’t it? Gossip Girl has given us five great years of friendship, scandal, romance, and some serious style. Now that we’re in the final season, it’s bittersweet. After all, once the show is over, our Monday nights will be dull and boring (bitter), but the show’s loose ends will be tied up and we’ll find out who the real Gossip Girl is (sweet!).

Whatever way you look at it, Serena van der Woodsen, Blair Waldorf, Chuck Bass, Dan Humphrey, Nate Archibald, and the other characters (however wicked they are… *cough, Georgina, *cough) will be missed dearly.

That’s why we put together a gallery of gifs from past Gossip Girl scenes to showcase how we predict we’ll be feeling after the show is over. Take a look, and tell us if you think it’s accurate!

The last words we'll say to the show

What We'll Need Right After The Show Ends

What We'll Say to our Girlfriends Who Love the Show As Much As We Do

The Only Thing We'll Have Left to do on Monday Nights When There Are No More Episodes

The Line We'll Still Want to Hear for Years to Come


  1. GossipCat Said:

    All of this is true! I’m really going to miss Gossip Girl and all the scheemes and drama… Oh and the love between Chuck and Blair. I’ll never forget this show, it taught me so much and I’m truly thanking Blair for being who she is and who she’ve become. Not to forget the headbands, I think Blair is a trendsetter because I didn’t know headbands before I began watching Gossip Girl.

    Love, ME! :D

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