Which Gossip Girl Guy is Your Perfect Match?

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On the Upper East Side, the designer clothes are bountiful, as are the oodles of date-worthy men. Ever wonder which Gossip Girl guy would be your perfect match? Take this quiz to find out if you should be with Chuck Bass, Nate Archibald, or Dan Humphrey!

1. Your idea of a perfect date is:

a.) At a coffee shop, discussing the literary works of your favorite authors

b.) At a fancy dinner where you two can stare into each other’s eyes all night

c.) Jetting away to Europe… just for the night.

2. Your style is:

a.) Boho chic

b.) Preppy cool

c.) Designer all the way

3. The most important characteristic in a guy you date is:

a.) Intelligence

b.) Good looks

c.) Money

4. When you’re feeling down, you want a guy to:

a.) Hug you and talk about your feelings

b.) Text you flirty messages throughout the day.

c.) Spoil you

5. You’re most attracted to:

a.) The sweet guy

b.) The cute guy

c.) The bad boy


Mostly As – Your dream Gossip Girl guy would be Dan Humphrey. Lonely Boy no more, Dan would treat you right if the two of you dated. You’d love the long intelligent conversations the writer and you would have, and you’d feel comfortable sharing your feelings with him. Just be sure you’re ready for a serious relationship. After all, Dan is the kind who is looking for a long-term commitment.

Mostly BsNate Archibald is your ideal match. The Golden Boy is not only fun to look at, but he’ll make you feel great about yourself with his flirtatious comments and sweet moves. You’ll also love that he stays out of all the drama (Mr. Never-Sent-In-A-Tip-To-Gossip-Girl!) Watch out, though — Nate can be a bit of a player (Hello, episode 1!) and loves the ladies, so just make sure you’ve got your eye on him.

Mostly Cs – Your perfect match is Chuck Bass. You both love the material finer things in life (nice designer shoes, a luxurious trip abroad, etc.) One thing is for sure about Chuck — the man has passion… and some drama! If he loves you, he’ll do anything for you. But don’t be surprised if he flip-flops back and forth on his feelings for you.



  1. Peeyaw Said:

    I am definitely a Nathan Archibald girl!:)

  2. MariaMurphy Said:

    I disagree with a number of things on this quiz. First, I don’t think Dan is the character looking for a longterm commitment at all. He’s a serial monogamist that falls in love with one girl after another. Second, Chuck ‘s feelings don’t flipflop. He has only loved one girl, Blair, and he’s never stopped loving her. If any character is looking for a longterm commitment it’s Chuck with Blair. After all, he’s been carrying that Harry Winston ring around since he was 19 years old. Also..

  3. MariaMurphy Said:

    ..I think you’ve been a little unfair to Nate and painted him as just the cute guy. To me Nate Archibald is both the cute AND the sweet guy. He’s the one that is sweet to all his ex girlfriends and never holds a grudge, not Dan. Dan is the intellectual or the hipster. Nate is the sweet and cute guy. Chuck is the bad boy with a heart.

  4. PelinWestwick Said:

    I’m a CHUCK BASS GIRL! I love him with all my heart.

  5. nancy1423 Said:

    I’m a Nate Archibald girl! of course… He’s a cute guy.. and that is important.. we are the perfect couple

  6. tracygrove Said:

    I’m a mostly C’s of course! Chuck all the way!

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