Gossip Girl Hair Idea Inspirations

Being fashionable on the Upper East Side is one thing, but every It Girl knows to really stand out, it’s all about style. And that involves much more than clothes.

Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively) and Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) have sported some tres chic hairstyles on Gossip Girl. Check out the photo gallery below for hair idea inspirations straight from your favorite show. And visit our Pinterest board to see more.

Which Gossip Girl character is your hair idol?

Glamour Girl

To get Serena's Old-Hollywood waves, wrap 1" sections of your hair around large hot rollers. After they sit for 20 minutes, unroll each section and into "pin curls," pinning them on your head for another 10 mins or so. Then, gently brush through your hair and glam up any flat strands with a large curling iron.

Photo Credit: The CW

A Dressed Up Pony

To get Beatrice's sleek look, pull a pencil-thick piece of hair from the bottom of the pony, wrap the hair around the elastic, and secure the last two inches with a bobby pin.

Photo Credit: The CW

All Curled Up

For an elegant bun like Blair's, pull your hair into a low ponytail and curl sections of it with a curling iron. Wrap the ponytail loosely around the elastic and secure with another elastic. Pull a few strands out around your face.

Photo Credit: The CW

Such a Tease!

To get Serena's teased ponytail, back-comb hair by running a brush from the bottom of the strands to the top of the pony. Do this a few times with sections of the hair, and spray with hairspray.

Photo Credit: The CW

Boho Braid

Copy Serena's loose side braid by using moose on damp hair to create waves as you blow dry. Back-comb hair to give it body. Gather hair at the nape of your neck and loosely braid it, securing it with an elastic.

Photo Credit: The CW


Achieve the curly body that Serena got by spraying towel-dry hair with a curling gel. Flip head over and dry with a diffuser. Define the curls by using a 1-inch wide curling iron on sections of hair.

Photo Credit: The CW

B is for Beach-y Waves

To get Blair's beachy waves, twirl sections of towel-dry hair with your fingers and rub styling cream on each. Then blow dry each section (aiming down), continuing to twirl with your fingers. Scrunch hair when done, and define curls with a medium-sized curling iron. Grab and pin a small section of hair to the top of your head with a bobby pin.

Photo Credit: The CW


  1. kylee Said:

    I love Serena Hair !!!:)

  2. serenawud Said:

    OMG! serena’s hair is apsolutly amazing! And her hairstyles ar flawless!

  3. Tutuuuus Said:

    They really know what they should do with their hair

  4. sketlullaby Said:

    Serena’s hair curly I do not really like…Blair’s hair in third photo are beautiful!

  5. Anne_A Said:

    i’ve tried to do serena’s hairstyles….but……i wasn’t like serena

  6. acne Said:

    Whats cheery. Same awesome weblog!! Guy .. Beautiful .. Wonderful .. I’ll bookmark your site and take the feeds additionally…I am contented to attain many cooperative details right here surrounded by the send. Gratitude for sharing…

  7. shrishti Said:

    Serena’s hair styles r always unique ….but Blair should really concentrate on her hair …..well..this is my taste ..but Blair is adorable n cute .m.Serena seems to b a bold gal n smart ..n obviously beautiful

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