Gossip Girl on Extra: Katy Perry Cozies up to DJ Diplo at Coachella

Katy Perry at MOCA Celebrates 35th Anniversary Gala

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When it comes to Katy Perry finding love, darlings, I never need to worry. She always manages to snag a semi-suitable rebound — almost as quickly as she does a new hair color — to chase away all those cold, lonely nights. And if there’s one thing Coachella is renowned for it’s steamy hookups “music.”

According to my fellow trust fund babies, the “Dark Horse” singer was seen canoodling with her good friend of many years, DJ Diplo (yes, that’s an actual professional name he chose for himself), at the annual music festival. The two spent the weekend flirting backstage near her tour bus and then partying together at a series of events. She’s a successful pop star with a penchant for bad boys and cultural appropriation and he’s a wannabe-hipster electronic dance music star with multiple arrests on his record….It’s obviously a match made in lust heaven. Roar!

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