Gossip Girl on Extra: Rita Ora’s Hot Mess Outfit

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I’m about to head out to the Hamptons to kick off the summer the right way, but before I go, Upper East Siders, I have one last post to share today. In case you missed my exclusive segment last night on Extra, I’m sharing it with you now.

Can we just talk about Rita Ora‘s latest monstrosity of an outfit? I literally didn’t know whether to laugh or scream when I saw it, darlings…the singer was spotted hiding her face with a ski mask moments after the photogs arrived–I’d be keeping my identity anonymous too if I were caught wearing such a horrid outfit.

Rita Ora arriving at her sisters house late at night


And Cannes Justin Bieber hook up with a record number of supermodels? It appears that’s his goal while he’s in town for the film festival. Check out the segment below for the scoop!


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  2. Abby Parsons Said:

    Rita , honey , this outfit is not very girly or ever pretty .
    Glass from the 80’s & the ski mask really , GO HOME & CHANGE SWEETIE :D

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