Gossip Girl on Extra: Blake Lively’s On-Set Accident

Blake Lively Gucci campaign 'Chime For Change'


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Serena van der Woodsen, er, I mean Blake Lively, scared everyone recently when a picture leaked of her on set with a nasty gash on her pretty little hand. Tons of sites reported that the blonde bombshell had suffered a terrible accident while filming her new movie. But as we all know, loves, appearances can be deceiving.

“I shot a scene where I cut my hand,” she explained to one of my minions at Extra…. “It was fake. It was a prosthetic.” Oops. Looks like you can’t trust every report you hear (unless of course it comes from my lips.)

I’ve also got the scoop on Li-Lo’s lo-cut no no. Seriously, Lindsay Lohan, WTFashion?

And how is Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney’s relationship going? Find out in my latest Gossip Girl on Extra segment. You know you love me.


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