Gossip Girl Spoiler: Georgina Returns to the Upper East Side

Michelle Trachtenberg portrays Georgina Sparks on Gossip Girl

Picture by: Nate Beckett / Splash News

Manhattan’s elite has but one sworn mutual enemy and this badass Upper East Side princess goes by the name Georgina Sparks. Sound familiar?

Well, if you’re eager for some major spark-age on season 5 brace yourself because the queen of drama returns! Here’s what Gossip Girl executive producer Josh Safran divulged to TVLine about Georgina’s reappearance:

“Her first episode back is our 100th episode. Her arc is unlike anything that she has done before on the show. Of course, she still is Georgina and all that implies, it’s just taking that in a new direction.”

Last time dear Georgy hit up the NYC scene, she tricked Dan into thinking he was her baby daddy, discovered Charlie’s big, juicy secret (gasp! she’s Ivy) and tried to poke her nose around where it didn’t belong (i.e. S and B’s private affairs). So whatever hell she plans on raising this season on Gossip Girl, it’s bound to be as scrumptious as the first forbidden fruit.

Will Georgina’s return be an explosive one? Will tension between her and Charlie arise? Leave your Gossip Girl season 5 predictions in the comments and/or viewers lounge!


  1. Priss B3rtha Said:

    I know G`s visit and plans are no good. But will give the spicy touch the show needs. Im sure.

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