Gossip Girl Star Penn Badgley Catches Viewers Up on Dan Humphrey

Last season on Gossip Girl, Dan Humphrey experienced various ups and downs. He landed an awesome internship at W magazine. Up. Blair Waldorf rejected a potential romance with him. Down. Vanessa Abrams sold his riveting book to a publisher without his permission. Up or down depending on readers’ reactions.

Catch up all things Dan-related with Penn Badgley in the video below:

What do you think is in store for Lonely Boy this season? Leave your predictions for the new season of Gossip Girl in the comments and tune in for the Season 5 premiere tonight at 8/7 on The CW!


  1. Elna Said:

    Can’t see it! Does it have something do with the fact that I’m living in Norway?

  2. Theo Said:

    @Elna Hi, Elna! Sorry about that. It might have – unfortunately, certain regions overseas prevent US videos from being streamed. Would you like us to tell you what he says in the video? Let us know! :)

  3. Elna Said:

    Ok! That would be very nice :-)

  4. tulipz10 Said:

    I cant see the Video either.. I’m in the Caribbean (T&T). I would also like to kw wats said in the clip.. Please & Thanks :-)

  5. Mary Said:

    The same situation and also cant see the video of Blair. I´m from Czech republic

  6. beka Said:

    Im in South Korea,also can’t see…

  7. Eliane Said:

    Im in Singapore(dunno if you guys heard this country or not :p) and i can’t see it either…

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