Gossip Girl Will Be Revealed in Season 6!

Who is Gossip Girl?

“Since the beginning of the series, that is for sure the question we have been asked more than any other,” said Stephanie Savage, executive producer. The cast gave their ideas on who they think it could be:

  • “I used to get up and pretend it was Rufus because he’s the only one who has so much time on his hands.” – Matthew Settle (Rufus Humphrey)
  • “I have no clue. It has to be me, right?” – Kaylee Defer (Ivy Dickens)
  • “I’ve decided this year that my dog Penny would be Gossip Girl. We do photo shoots of Penny in front of the computer and text it to each other.” – Blake Lively (Serena van der Woodsen)
  • “I’ve heard some rumors that some people are making returns for the last one or two episodes.” – Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass)

All good guesses, but we’ll find out the truth soon enough! “I know who Gossip Girl is,” said Sara Goodman, Executive Producer. “For five years, that’s the secret she said she’d never tell. But this year, she’s telling.”

Watch the video below!


  1. psychokiller Said:

    Jenny Humphrey and Erik van der Woodsen should return. As for the question, “Who is gossip girl?” We’ll just have to wait.

  2. Jayy_Myah Said:

    We all have our ideas and hunches. But I know as well. But lips can only be sealed for so long. But I won’t spoil the surprise just yet. Lets see the story unfold shall we.

  3. GossipCat Said:

    Ed is right, I’ve seen pictures of previous characters coming back for the final episode(s), so I guess it must be one of them and not some unknown character we’ve never encountered. Though I can’t really imagine who Gossip Girl could be at all.

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