Gossip Girl’s Quip of the Week: The Waspoid

Gossip Girl Book 1There are plenty of Wasps on the Upper East Side but, as Gossip Girl knows all too well, plenty of Waspoids are milling about as well. So what’s a Waspoid? It’s a term coined specifically by Gossip Girl herself to describe a new species of male suitors. Take a Wasp, hand him a doubie and voila—Waspoid! Learn more about these elite stoners below:

Unlike the average stoner wasteoid, the Waspoid isn’t into metal or online dungeon games or skateboarding or eating vegan. He gets haircuts and has good skin. He smells nice, he wears cashmere sweaters his girlfriend buys for him, he gets decent grades, and he’s sweet to his mom. He sails and plays soccer. He knows hot to tie a necktie. He knows how to dance. He’s sexy! But the Waspoid never fully invests himself in anything or anyone. He isn’t a go-getter and he never says what’s on his mind. He doesn’t take risks, which is what makes it so risky to fall in love with him.”


  1. S (L) Said:

    nate! i love you, you are my boy love (L)

  2. Codename S Said:

    Love Nate, but I love Chace Crwaford more…

  3. adda Said:

    love nate but chuck you are the best :X:X:

  4. gilangramadhan Said:

    really handsome enough :)

  5. mori Said:

    we love you nate/chace forever,and we kissss you on farfar away.i will always love youuuuuuuuuu.<3<3<3

  6. Esmee Said:

    She should just get over him and find a new boy, she and Harry are trough and he is allowed to date other people or be friends with women. It isn’t like he is cheating on her!

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