Old People News: Gwen Stefani is Pregnant

I’ve bumped into Gwen Stefani several times at various events and she has always been a snotty, nasally, too-cool brat. And let me tell you something, Gwen, there’s only room for ONE such It Girl at a party, and that’s me.

But, the bitch can dress, I’ll give her that. And it seems she can procreate, and given her sexy British hubby Gavin Rossdale, I don’t blame her. I hear that G.Stef is pregnant with her third child, and I can’t wait to find out what dreadful name she’ll choose next. Kingston, her first son, has a fine monicker, but Zuma? Ugh, Gwen.

gwen stefani


Let’s start taking bets now on what she’ll name her next born. No doubt it’ll be unique, n’est ce pas, minions?


  1. michel'le Said:

    Jacob? or maybe..mandela? Seeming she likes sa’s presidents

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