Happy Birthday, Chace Crawford!

There are several reasons to celebrate in the Upper East side today. And a big one is that Chace Crawford, who plays Nate Archibald, turns 28!

Happy 28th Birthday, Chace! In honor of this special occasion, we have compiled a list of 28 fun facts about this Gossip Girl star along with a photo gallery with 28 of his sexiest pics. It may be Chace’s special day, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do a little bit of celebrating of our own!

Love In The Mix

Chace Crawford’s first Valentine was his first girlfriend in the sixth grade and he gave her a mixtape.

Credit: Ivan Nikolov/WENN.com

What's In a Name

His real name is Christopher Chace Crawford. Chace is just his nickname!

Photo Credit: WENN

A Super Superlative

Chace was voted Best Dressed his senior year of high school. However, he isn't sure how they established this because his school required everyone to wear uniforms.

Photo Credit: WENN

Hey, Cowboy

He was born and raised in Texas.

Photo Credit: WENN

All in the Family

His younger sister Candice is a former beauty queen and is married to Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo.

Photo Credit: WENN


Chace wears contact lenses.

Photo Credit: WENN


His favorite date was a 5-day camping trip that a girl from college asked him out on!

Photo Credit: WENN

Supper Club

Chace prefers to eat in and loves to grill.

Photo Credit: WENN

Pucker Up!

His first kiss was in the 5th grade with his best friend's twin sister.

Photo Credit: WENN

Sing It, Man!

Chace claims to be a very talented karaoke performer.

Photo Credit: WENN


Chace isn't the best at doing house work. He admits that he often slacks on doing laundry and dishes, often letting the mess pile up!

Photo Credit: WENN


He loves fried chicken.

Photo Credit: WENN

160 Characters

Chace dated Carrie Underwood but the two broke up -- via text message! Don't worry though, it was mutual.

Photo Credit: WENN

Stunt Man

He did all of his own stunts in the movie The Covenant.

Photo Credit: WENN

Bucket List

Before he dies, Chace would like to learn how to fly an airplane and get married.

Photo Credit: WENN


His biggest fear? Spiders.

Photo Credit: WENN

Scooped Up

After deciding to try acting, Chace was signed by the first talent agent he met with!

Photo Credit: WENN

Fan Fanatic

Chace's favorite Gossip Girl superfan is a 36 year-old man named Phil.

Photo Credit: WENN

Interoffice Dating

Chace was at one point romantically linked to Gossip Girl co-star Taylor Momsen.

Photo Credit: WENN


He was going to star in the remake of Footloose but when the original director was replaced, he decided not to.

Photo Credit: WENN


He used to share an apartment in New York City with Gossip Girl co-star Ed Westwick.

Photo Credit: WENN

So Fresh

Before filming kissing scenes on the set of Gossip Girl, Chace insists on brushing his teeth. What a gentleman.

Photo Credit: WENN

College Man

Chace attended Pepperdine University.

Photo Credit: WENN

Sporty Guy

When he was in high school, Chace played golf and football.

Photo Credit: WENN

Mom and Pop

His father is a dermatologist and his mother is a teacher.

Photo Credit: WENN

Public Figure

After gaining notoriety for his role as Nate Archibald, Chace had to cancel his personal Facebook and Myspace accounts.

Photo Credit: WENN

Single Stud

In 2009, he was listed as #1 in People magazine's annual list of Sexy & Single Men.

Photo Credit: WENN

Chace's mom convinced him to pursue a career in acting based on an aptitude test he took in high school. Remind us to thank her later.

Photo Credit: WENN

What would you get Chace for his birthday? Tell us in a comment below. Also, join us on Twitter to get the bday message trending #HappyBdayChace!


  1. Tutuuuus Said:

    Happy birthday Chace ,I love you so much :*

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    Happy 27th birthday, Chace ^-^

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    I Love You Mwah Mwah ;)

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    Happpyy Birthday chace best wishes love you<3

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    Happy Birthday Chace!

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    i have the same birthday as him :)

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    Hey chace, happy birthday, brazil love you, and we’ll never forget you “”nate”” !! @laaureets

  8. Daniela Játiva Said:

    Happy Birthday sweetie have a nice day, best wishes! Love always Daniela!

    PD: I realy admire you.

  9. Rana Said:

    Happy birthday to the amazing Chace Crawford. I hope he enjoys his birthday. I love him! <3

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    HapPyyyyyyy bd, I Love You SoOoOo much :* <3

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    Happy belated birthday!

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    OMFG!!! You are gorgeous!! I love you so damn much boy! You Rock xoxo Sara

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    P.S. You are super hot

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    He’s about to be 30 and he still Sexy ;)

  16. Arthur Said:

    You are very interested person

  17. Sofie Said:

    WOOOW….. What a hottie! an happy birthday :-)

  18. Hannah Said:

    I thought I’d be getting 27 facts about Chace but I guess Gossip Girl likes to trick people in to things. All you did was give us 28 photos. Way to go, GG. I guess the pics of Chace distracted every girl on here from that but I read your whole post. At least some people know they can’t just drop it because of Chace. I get it. You are a big fan girl, but don’t go insane. I am yes a fan girl. I have myself under control. If it is on another website, make a link. Btw some of you posted late.

  19. Nora Said:

    SOOO HOT!!! WIsh he was in more work!!! so great in GG hope to see more ASAP!

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  25. Kayla Said:

    #ggcomeback I love you chace you are perfect in every single way I wish I could meet you.

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    Well well crawford I looking forward to meeting you in florida this summer…..

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    HE IS SO HOT i love him

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