Happy Birthday, Ed Westwick!

Ed Westwick Birthday

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Happy Birthday, Ed Westwick! The Gossip Girl star turns 25 today and we’re celebrating in a big way. We wanted to get him a present, but couldn’t decide on just one. Check out our gallery below for some gifts we saw and instantly thought of him.

If you could give Ed any material item for his birthday, what would it be? Tell us in a comment below. Also, join us on Twitter to get the bday message trending #HappyBdayEd!

Big Mouth Billy Bass

Because he's Chuck BASS, duh...

Photo Credit: hacknmod.com

Dapper Dog Tuxedo Pet Costume

For Monkey to look sharp at his bday party.

Photo Credit: amazon.com

Spalding Official Size NBA Leather Game Basketball

For his love of the game.

Photo Credit: nba.com

Gossip Girl notebook Chuck loves Blair

To remind him what his priorities are.

Photo Credit: etsy.com

I'm Chuck Bass White T-Shirt

Because he really is Chuck Bass.

Photo Credit: cafepress.com

Adidas Originals Superstar Men's Velour Red Track Suit

Because he makes them look good!

Photo Credit: ebay.com

MACH3 Disposable Razor

To shave off that new mustache and show off his pretty face again!

Photo Credit: askmen.com

Soccer Lessons with David Beckham

Because he's a huge fan.

Photo Credit: WENN

Party Hat Photo Credit: Shutterstock


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