Harry Styles Spends His Birthday With His Ex–And It’s Not Taylor!

Spotted: Harry Styles leaving London hot spot the Groucho club where he partied it up for his 19th birthday…but he wasn’t alone. Harry invited one of his exes, 33-year-old cougar Caroline Flack, with whom he had a fling in 2011. I’ll just let you do the math on that age difference while you gaze at HS, who manages to look fresh and sexy despite a blazingly wild night.

Do you think Harry and Taylor Swift could ever become this friendly? Or are Harry and Caroline not pals at all, and is she making a move to win him back now that T has given him up?

So many questions, so little time…XOXO

harry styles birthday party




  1. ribbit Said:

    So hot she is a bitch

  2. laura8816 Said:

    the age difference is 14 years?! wow…

  3. kaseyboo64 Said:

    I heard that he and that C chick, TOATLLY hit it up at that club. Like, TOTALLY made out in the bathroom. It’s a blitz, am I not right!!!

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