WTF Alert: Harry Styles Barfs On Stage!

Going out on a boozy binge may seem like a fun, wild idea, minions, but trust me, it’s not only uncouth and tres declasse, but it’s also going to make you vom all over the place, as Harry Styles found out first hand during a concert in Pittsburgh, PA.

Apparently Harry had a little too much fun partying the night before–there are places to party in Pittsburgh?–and tossed his cookies right in the middle of his band’s performance of “Rock Me.”

Do you feel sorry for HS or is this what he deserves for putting his party schedule ahead of his obligation to his fans? Tell me in the comments section and oh, one more thing: you know you love me…XOXO.


  1. Alice Said:

    He ate just before he went on stage thats why… Do some more research before you post something.

  2. Is Said:

    @Alice: Perhaps, but why would you eat RIGHT before going on stage? It’s like eating before you compete in a sports event–not a good idea. Since Harry’s been at the performing gig for a while, you think he’d know better than to eat before going on stage. It’s just common sense.

  3. Alice Said:

    Well if youre hungry you eat. Maybe he didn’t thought about that he was going up on stage soon and just ate,becuase he was starving? He is human and can forgett about things to, he isn’t perfect. I don’t get why people always expect the worste, Harry would never do something like that becuase he knows better, and his four mates would not let him do that. So I just want you to stop making rumors unless you have proof that it was becuase of partying. It’s just so unnecessary.

  4. Is Said:

    If he’s such a smart lad, why not eat in advance? Or maybe his four mates wouldn’t let him get to the point where he was so hungry where he’d have to resort to eating last minute? Maybe we’re not always “expecting the worst,” but we are definitely more realistic. Why are you always expecting the best of your idols? You’re right–he isn’t perfect–and therefore could’ve easily been partying.

  5. Marley Said:

    God calm down alice is is right. (Wow that cant be grammatically correct). Anyways harrys a big boy he should know not to eat before going on stage. So he was either hung over or sick. My thoughts are that he was hung over. One direction isn’t perfect you know. All stars drink.

  6. Ruth Said:

    I agree with above, I think he’s been partying. You never see any pics of the guys together on his instagram, it’s him with other friends, so maybe they are the influences.
    And just like how Justin Bieber was caught drinking, Harry could be caught in a hangover.
    But thinking the best, maybe he’s sick? Who really knows? Not us.

  7. Melissa Said:

    Wow Alice are you 12? The boys openly drink and party. It is no secret. You don’t even personally know him. Harry is also old enough to make decisions on his own and sometimes it might not be the best.

  8. Alice Said:

    Well we can talk about what he did or didn’t, but nobody of us knows for sure the reason for this?. And As you say, Harry is a big boy so let him speak for him self.

  9. Erin Said:

    LOL “but nobody of us” whoa just died from laughter!

  10. Rummor Said:

    Well if you knows you need to work YOU DOESNT GET DRUNK bitch!It’s as simple as that!

  11. Alice Said:

    It’s kind of funny seeing you guys getting angry about this. I have my opinion, you are free to have yours too.

  12. Party Man Said:

    I was with the guys at a PR Party. He was drunk

  13. GOSSIP GIRL Said:

    wow alice he is a big boy stop covering for him xoxo gossipgirl

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  15. Mandy Said:

    It’s actually his life so you have no right to judge.

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