Scene & Heard: Harry Styles Called Taylor Swift What?!

“She’s a pain in the arse. I haven’t met a girl yet who I’d want to even think of getting serious with.”–Harry Styles gives ex girlfriend Taylor Swift a major burn in One Direction’s new documentary, This Is Us.

Taylor Swift Harry Styles


Le ouch, darlings.¬†True, I can¬†picture Taylor being a little on the high-strung side, but did she really deserve to be called out so harshly? Tell me your thoughts on who’s winning the Haylor break up…and which one of these former paramours will have the last laugh…XOXO.


  1. Blair Said:

    I am a huge Taylor fan so… she will find someone better then Harry. Who cares what he thinks?!

  2. Serena Said:

    You go Harry! xoxo

  3. Gabriela Ayala Said:

    It’s time she had some retaliation coming to her.

  4. Audrey Huxley Said:

    They’ve been together for 2 months or something and this fight about their breakup is on for like 4. Let’s just get over it and move on.

  5. Lola Rogers Said:

    Harry need’s to stop with the rude comments, we get it, you’re a still a child. So what if Taylor write’s songs about her exes? At least she doesn’t badmouth them, stumble out of clubs drunk or have strippers at her birthday parties, unlike some celebrities I could mention.

  6. AMY Said:

    That’s because you like dudes.

  7. kayla Said:

    Thats taylor swifts fault she took this whole thing way to far i mean it wasnt even that long of a relationship for her to take it this far so whatever he says its on her

  8. Jennifer Said:

    Harry did a really good job on calling taylor that because taylor diserves it.Its Harrys turn to get you embarssed Taylor since what you did Taylor

  9. Stranger Said:

    Blair you have absolutely right!

  10. Heather Said:

    Hahahaha virtual high fives to Harry styles!

  11. Regina Said:

    As the time goes by, we can realize that collecting all Tays ex boyfriend comments, she is not a keeper.
    All that sweet acting like she does is pure marketing. But it seems like lately SOMEONE is getting a little bit dull for the audience :( xx

  12. Isabela Said:

    Harry is being so ridiculous about the break up

  13. Bruna Said:

    Oh well… I like Taylor, but I bet she’s a bit complicated in a relationship. But Harry was the one who cheated on her and acted like a jerk. I still think Taylor’s songs about her exes are really funny

  14. Sara Said:

    Of course she deserved it. Think of how she harshly insulted harry at the grammys and how she made fun of him in her video!.

  15. mpxoxo Said:

    What harry said is totally gay, insulting her ex? That’s so pathetic pathetic

  16. mina Said:

    She looks like a pain in the “arse”

  17. Keira Said:

    It’s all been over analysed I’m sure. See how they write “the relationship was a pain in the arse”
    He’s probably referring to the distance/travel/media!
    The media needs to quit trying to lower Taylor Swifts perfection.

  18. sami Said:

    She deserves it. She’s not the only one who gets to bash an ex. Totally had it coming.

  19. Kaitlyn Said:

    You people saying Harry is a child and he needs to stop with the rude comments. ARE YOU KIDDING?
    Taylor was the one who acted like a child. First, she wrote “I knew you were Trouble” about him and made it clear in the video. [Male having the same tattoo]He said nothing.
    She then dissed him at the Grammy’s in front of tons of people. Harry said nothing again, in fact praised her at the Brit awards for her talent. She made fun of him in the 22 Video. Said nothing. He kept his mouth shut till now

  20. Ishy Said:

    Tsk, tsk. No one deserves to be called that way specially a girl and someone you loved before. If you are getting pissed of what she is doing, just ignore it. But what you did, calling her a pain in the arse makes you look like a total loser. Do yourselves a favor and move on! Enjoy your life and respect each other.

  21. ak Said:

    why does Taylor get ridiculed for her songs about her exes? it is her inspiration and she certainly can make a catchy tune about an ex that i think a lot of people can relate to. she’s letting out this vulnerable side if you think about it. she’s admitting to the world that someone else hurt her and made her feel so low. so congrats to her. as for harry. i don’t have much of an opinion. i don’t like one direction’s music and he seems a bit immature. and i agree, maybe his words were overanalyzed

  22. Taylor Said:

    If you’re not going to get serious about a girl, you have no right to date her in the first place. If you like it, then you better put a ring on it. Girls are not your sex playtoys. Grow up, Harry.

  23. Ellie Said:

    I don’t mind one direction boy saying that. Taylor doesn’t care about any of that bc she doesn’t mind haters cause they don’t matter.

  24. Auggie Said:

    @Taylor, I like how you say that “girls are not your sex playtoys” and then the sentence before, you refer to girls as “it”
    -facepalm- women smh

  25. Blair Said:

    You go Harry! She’s not worth it and you can find someone way better than her! :)

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