New (Old) Couple Alert: Harry Styles and Cara Delevingne Back On?

Spotted: Harry Styles and Cara Delevingne on a cozy little date to The Book of Mormon in London on Aug. 31. These two had a brief fling back in 2012 but really, who didn’t sleep with Harry that year? But it seems that Harry sees her as the one who got away and that they’ve been secretly dating for months!


“Harry says he wants them to be boyfriend and girlfriend. But right now, Cara is not sure what to do,” whispered my minion. “Their friends think it could work out…he’s really chasing her, but she’s a really busy girl.”

Are you really too busy to date the delicious Mr. Styles, Cara? Too busy grooming your eyebrows and choosing a new beanie?

Apparently H is seriously chasing C but remember when he did that to Taylor Swift only to dump her once he got her? At least that’s according to “I Knew You Were Trouble,” anyway.

Can you picture HS getting serious about CD or is she destined to be just another notch in his belt?


  1. Stephanie Said:

    Really, GG, I expect more out of you to do your homework! I knew you were trouble is NOT about HS! It was out before that drama. It’s about John Mayer, most likely, as Taylor made the music video actor strongly resemble him w/similar tattoos even. Cara is just being careful I’m sure, as she should with H’s rep and lifestyle.

  2. giuliana Said:

    hm excuse me, the way you talk make harry looks like a womanizer
    and really “who didn’t sleep with Harry that year?” spear me of your bullshit. unfolling xoxo

  3. Stacey Said:

    I thought Cara played for the other team…

  4. Melissa Said:


  5. Anna Said:

    Noooooooooooooooo but he loves me!

  6. GG101 Said:

    Dear people commenting you are all pathetic. Do you not know the concept of this website. It’s called Gossip Girl for a reason. Whether its true or false and the fact that they are being a bitch is meant to be the whole point of it. If gossip girl talks about people looking ugly in certain attire then so be it. Also for a fact harry has been known as a womaniser, so chillax people it’s not a competition. GROW SOME BALLS AND GET OVER IT!!! Gossip Girl website is exactly as it should be.

  7. Sia Said:

    to melissa… um no….. to GG really?? this just disappointed me, if your gunna tell us the stuff have the facts striaght.. thats all i have to say

  8. Insider Said:

    I’m sorry, Harry and Cara are NOT dating. Cara and her team have already named Harry far too “downmarket” for her career. They have declared him off limits for her and they will not be going out any time soon. Both of them are rising stars and are far too busy for a relationship like this anyway. So directioners can stop worrying and other people can stop obsessing.

  9. margo Said:

    Wake up 1D fans! Harry isn’t your perfect little peach after all. Saying that boy isn’t a womanizer is like saying B didn’t sing it!! You go Cara, too good for him. xx

  10. Tayla Said:

    Surely he confessed he has only slept with two people ever?

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