Harry Styles Dating Kimberly Stewart

So long, Taylor Swift. There’s a new lady in Harry Styles‘ life and well, I guess we’d call her more of a cougar-friend than a girlfriend. My sources are saying that the 19-year-old One Direction heartthrob is currently dating 33-year-old Kimberly Stewart and he’s already met the parents! Things sound like they’re getting serious, which makes me seriously question Kimberly’s judgement….

I’m open to age differences in relationships, but Kimberly darling, Harry seems quite immature for a girl your age. He’s 19 and can’t even legally drink in the US. You’re 33 and have a one-year-old daughter. Not to mention the fact that your former relationship and baby daddy is 46-year-old Benicio del Toro. Imagine the range of types of dates of the two guys (classy wine-tastings and dinner parties to keggers with college kids)? Harry’s fine to lust after — for a middle school girl. But I’d expect more from someone in your shoes stilettos.

Dearest readers, do you think this fling is an early mid-life crisis for Kim or do the two actually have a long-term chance together? Tell me in a comment below. XOXO


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  1. Arushi Gupta Said:

    Mid-life crisis for sure!

  2. maddie Said:

    ewww I hate it when harry goes out
    with older women. I think it’s wierd and creepy. he’s young. and she old. find someone your own age before I gag!

  3. martin Said:

    lol i’m going to barf.

  4. Nathali Said:

    I think it’s only one sex

  5. joyce Said:

    If she makes him happy that’s good age doesn’t matter .

  6. eli Said:

    Harry had lots of flings, she’s just another one ;) he’s a young, attractive boy, who wouldn’t do this?^^

  7. Caroline Said:

    Ow, why he does thing like this? Harry…

  8. arielle Said:

    i think it’s his decision, he’s old enough. but he can also search someone in his age. i know a very cute girl…. me!

  9. Mrs Stypayhorlikson Said:

    If it makes harry styles happy u guys are no one to judge their happy relationship..
    if u really love a person age is just a number..

  10. Kristen (@wildprincess1) Said:

    Kimberly deserves better! Hes` imature needs` to find someone his own age and at his level! Taylor, Now Kimberly! Seriously wtf! really?

  11. Kristen (@wildprincess1) Said:

    I dnt.care about the age but hes` imature!

  12. summerstar Said:

    Im 34, harry is hot…. Id hit that ;)

  13. noura alqasem 1D Said:

    i love harry oh :”(

  14. Hannah Said:

    OMG!Another 1 this is worse than Caroline Flack!!!!!I am gonna have 2 say that he can lust after any F***ing girl but y a mom?

  15. M Said:

    OMG harry get a girl of your own age. I love you sooo much but seriously…. A women of 33 yers old! This is soo wierd.
    XOXO, M

  16. Friday Said:

    Harry isn’t dating Kimberley it’s her camp that’s been spreading the rumours. She’s only famous for being a ho and leeching off her father.

  17. cindy Said:

    lmao karma is already working in Taylor Swift’s favour…….#mid life crisis for sure and it will pass leaving Harry all broken lol

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