Does Harry Styles Have a New Girlfriend

Darlings, I think we know by now to use the term “girlfriend” quite loosely when it comes to Harry Styles. I think “fling” or “sort-of-more-than-friends-with-benefits-I-guess” is a bit more accurate, n’est ce pas? Well whatever you want to brand Harry’s conquests, let’s meet his latest one, Alison Mosshart:

alison mosshart


My my, what a beauty. If her name sounds familiar, she’s the sister of Kelly Osbourne’s ex fiance, Matthew Mosshart. She’s also the lead singer of some band no one really listens to, The Kills. And darlings, even though she still has her baby face, I hear she’s 15 years older than young Harry. #cougaralert!

The pair sat side-by-side at the Burberry show during London fashion week and rumor has it that they enjoyed a steamy hook up later that night at a club.

“They were very touchy-feely in a booth and both pretty drunk. But they were having a great time together, laughing and joking with a lot of PDA. It was Harry who made the move,” a spy across the pond dished to The Sun. “At one point he was stroking her hair as she lay her head on the table. Harry’s knack with women of any age is pretty amazing.”

Ah Harry you old charmer. I’d let you pet my extensions totally real hair any day. Although I’m pretty sure he was touching her locks to see if it was some kind of straw wig, not necessarily out of love or affection.

Do you think that we’ll spot these two together again? Or is Harry still in total love-em-and-leave-em mode?

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  1. Penelope Said:

    I actually listen to the kills!

  2. Gaia Said:

    Well I listen to the kills and a lot of other people do, including Kate Moss, considering that the other member of the band is her husband, you know.
    Anyway we all know by now about Harry’s club antics with girls and about the fact that age gap has never much been a problem for him so it doesn’t surprise me. I’m just happy that his act with Kendall Jenner is over.

  3. K Said:

    Hmm.. Gossip Girl, The Kills’ song ‘U.R.A. Fever’ was featured in season one of GG! Though I must admit I agree with the staw wig part haha.

  4. Little C Said:

    I love Allison Mosshart! She’s also in a band with JACK FREAKING WHITE called The Dead Weather, so she is pretty relevant, if you ask me.
    Anywho, I just made this comment to point out that she’s awesome.
    As for the hookup I hope they had a great time and carry on their merry lives.

  5. L Said:

    Love-em-and-leave-em mode definitely

  6. Melaun Said:

    Yawnnnnnn, when is Harry Styles not with a new Beau? I mean seriously come on, first Caroline then Taylor then Kendall and now her? Maybe this player’s ways are real when it comes to his beloved fans fan fictions. There’s no way Harry could ever fall for a girl like that. He likes his women old and known not old and a nobody. One night stands are also apart of his agenda so this is a totally love-em-and-leave-em mode.

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