Harry Styles Pulls Down His Pants To Show Off His New Ink!

Ever wanted to get into Harry Styles’ pants? Turns out all of Brasil has a special spot just for them in H’s knickers. The One Direction hottie showed off his new tattoo at a recent concert, and yes, much to the pleasure of the screaming girls in the audience, it involved him unzipping his trousers and pulling them down to show off his new ink. One of my spies caught it all on video:

This makes even me blush, darlings. Although, after watching the video for the 100th time (What?! Don’t lie–you’re doing it, too…) I’m going to say this groin tattoo is all sorts of fake—it looks like someone just wrote it in Sharpie, which then makes me wonder which member of the band did it. After some handwriting sample analysis, one of my minions guesses it was Niall. Where are my hardcore Directioners? What do you guys think?


Harry Styles The World Premiere of 'The Class of 92' at Odeon West End - Arrivals



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  1. sam Said:

    How r u

  2. sam Said:

    How r u
    Xoxo Sammie girl :-D

  3. Saby Said:

    I also think its Niall, his handwriting reminds me of the disney handwriting. Idk y, haha.

  4. Vikki Burtonile Said:

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  5. Sara Said:

    I think it’s a real tattoo, Harry does all sorts of weird things. Another meaningless tattoo isn’t something out of the ordinary for him to do….again

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