Cute or Ew: Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner

I hear that Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner‘s new relationship is still hot despite the frigid temps out there. The two were spotted at a snowboard shop in Mammoth Lakes, Calif., yesterday and even took time out of their conversation (which I assume was a riveting debate about who has better hair) to pose for pics with a fan.



“Casually hanging out with Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles. #dying,” Allie Connolly captioned the pic on Instagram. But some Directioners were not celebrating along with her. She later tweeted, “Lol now I have 14 year olds telling me that I was paid to make this a publicity stunt. Yep, you caught me hahahah.”

Tell me loves…would you ever admit to secretly thinking this relationship is in fact a publicity stunt (most likely from the mastermind of Kris Jenner)? Or is Karry your new fave (and totally legit) celeb couple?




  1. melissa Said:

    Naaa I think they are CUTE

  2. Massie Said:


  3. Ludi Said:

    I do think its a stunt, but i also think they’re cute together? haha. oh and i believe the ship name is Hendall!

  4. Menna Said:


  5. Chelsea Said:

    I think they are adorable together. Even if it’s a stunt. Who really cares? I’m sure they’re at LEAST attracted to one another. Come on’ people. Let them be happy.

  6. Rachel Said:

    if you remember though, this exact same thing happened in a pub in england when he first started dating taylor swift…

  7. Hekla Said:

    I think they are so cute!

  8. Adriana Said:

    These two will have the most amazingly beautiful children on earth!!! Bless them and their gorgeous faces. They are cute alone and together…

  9. Nicole Said:

    uh. ew. ew ew ew ew ew!

  10. Ruthann Said:

    OK HENDALL will never ever be a thing ever

  11. abbyyydouglas Said:

    Im happy if he is happy but I hope she lets him do what he wants and isnt a control freak tbhhh

    I love them both #NoHate

  12. Satine Said:

    EW. It’s definitely a stunt. Like with Taylor Swift it’s all for publicity and I also believe Kendall has a relationship with other guy and they tweeted they were together for a year or sth like that.

  13. Alina Said:

    Well, no publicity is bad publicity. Celebrity stunts are always pulled and you got to be good to find them. They’re not that difficult to search out if you’re not some obsessive shipper/fan.
    Sometimes you just got to give up your obsession if you are going to find out anything you end up randomly asking yourself in your mind. Remember, life always has questions, and not all of them get answers so don’t expect to get anything similiar to what you were looking for. Bye, people!

  14. Patricia Said:

    no…I don’t like her…I don’t know why but I think she isn’t a serious girl.Harry said they aren’t a couple..Gossip Girl make better your searches :)

  15. Elle Said:

    its not a stunt… i know the girl…

  16. Laura Said:

    Love them together

  17. Ashley Said:

    Directioners think every relationship Harry is in is a stunt. It’s fucking ridiculous.

  18. mila Said:

    i think hendal isn’t a stunt but they will never workout together SHES A KARDASHIAN ……theyre not harrys type .and harry always has a DECEMBER GIRL I mean it happened with taylor too : they met in December 1.he took her to a pub 2. he took her skiing and 3.they walked out from a hotel together too .its just harrys DECEMBER GIRL habbit !!


    Please. One word when I look at her, VACANT. Anyone who lives in a constant world of nipple selfies is vile and classless. Hope Harry gets a clue FAST

  20. xoxo-gg Said:

    who cares if they’re cute. omg guys. they don’t care.

  21. Claire Said:

    They are disgusting together! Harry needs a girl that is humble and down to earth! Not a fake ass reality tv star

  22. kim Said:

    I think they are adorable together. I think there shouldnt be so much hate towards her! Everybody else is jelous that she get a slice of Harry Pie!! Like guys come one all the hate is coming from a bunch of 13 year olds who wanna destory Kendal when it is none of their buissness!!!! So shut the F*CK Up

  23. Blair Said:

    Who cares weather or not its a publicity stunt! What isn’t with celebs these days! I will say that they are definitely a bad couple. She has no personality compared to him! Many people ask Harry what he wants in a girl…. and Kendal is not that.

  24. A Said:

    EW. EW.EW.EW.EW.EW. KENDALL JENNER DOES NOT DESERVE HIM. This is such a publicity stunt don’t worry. It’s totally fake. I’d rather ship Haylor than this “thing”.

  25. Mariana C. Said:

    I love kendall she’s beautiful!!!! But i just don’t like harry so i guess Eww

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