9021Oh, Boy! Harry Styles Is Moving to Beverly Hills

Looks like the story of Harry Styles‘ life just got a new chapter. I hear the One Direction hottie has purchased quite the luxe item: a $4.3 million manse in Beverly Hills. That’s right, minions: it appears as though HS is moving to the US!

What does this mean for Harry? Being closer to his Hollywood friends like Zach Braff and Kimberly Stewart, but also having to dodge seeing his ex Kendall Jenner. A source told E! News that he is able to go unnoticed more in LA than London. Maybe he can use that to his advantage when he spots KJ at a party….

Harry, of course, isn’t the first 1D member to buy property over there. Niall Horan has a $1 million house in Calabasas. Personally, I’m shocked they chose California over the Upper East Side. But to each his own, I guess.

Tell me loves, are you excited Harry is going to be in the states more often now? I’m pumped–as long as he doesn’t lose that accent of his. You know it’s bloody sexy…. XOXO

Harry Styles moving to Beverly Hills

Joe Alvarez via WENN

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